broken rims and broken hearts

so i pull out my modified-norce-half-sorta-imitation-muni today for the first time in like a week that ive actually had a chance to ride. I have other unis but they suck and i love this one. well i was hoppping around and i decide to do stairs. so i hop up, ride around , and then i hope down. I landed it but as the tire hit the ground , i heard the cruel sound of spokes rubbing against eachother and not going back into place. I tried to ride it out but my tire got stuck. It was bent. i almost cried. no i have to wait to get it fixed to ride it. o well.

I fear it will not be long before mine goes exactly the same way… :frowning:

Which is why I’m looking for a new wheel before it undoubtedly happens. Hurrah! :slight_smile:

Phil, just me