Broken Rim?

I was riding my KH Trials 05 today and I i did a large sideways jump off a ledge and the upper part of my rim peeled off and got bent outwards and the innertube buldged out. Does anyone know what i mean by the “top part” it is like a 3/4 inch part of the rim that got bent way outwards. Anyways my question is: is that permanent damage or can i fix this somehow. Also is this the best rim or should I opt to get a higher quality one. Thanks

The damage is permanent. However, you could contact the place where you bought the unicycle. It may be under warrenty. Am I right to assume the part where it pealed was above the “groove”?

As I’ve said before: “The groove was to to make hydraulic brakes “squeak” when the pads wear too low. (Or something) Consequentially the groove made the side wall very weak, however for me the problem has been rectified. As far as I know most of the KH20 05’s are now shipped with new KH rims without the groove, I use the new KH rim without the groove.”

I don’t do very extreme stuff but did break two of the rims, under warranty, with the groove in them; the new KH rim is holding up great.

I am really happy with the newer KH rim (without the groove).

I got it at (of course) what kind of warranty do they have on the KH20 05?? So you think if i got a NEW KH rim it would hold up fine? Its stupid how weak that is, i only weight 155 and i did about a 3 or 4 foot side jump/drop

I do think if you got the new KH rim it should hold up fine.

We got my KH20 05 from Bedford unicycles so I’m not sure how the warrantee process works with If I understand correctly, it would under warrantee directly from KH unicycles.

I would recommend that you contact to resolve the issue. They would know better how to help you. :slight_smile:


It’s so weird, I hear about all these people breaking their KH rims on mundane drops, but I have had my KH Freeride muni for maybe 6 months and have done up to 4 foot drops or around there w/o any breakage and I’ve only needed to true it once.
And yes, I have the one w/ the groove

i’ve seen one of these break, the wall of the rim busts off where a groove was machined in it, and peels off most, or all of the way around.

My understainding is, it was a flaw in the manufacturing process. Like the groove wasn’t supposed to be there. later kh05’s dont have it, and ones that do are being replaced for free.

I contacted and they said they would replace it for free, besides shipping.