broken rib

Leaned in too far on a left turn during Richmond’s Moonlight Ride last week. Also got scraped up, hit my head (cracked my helmet), and I’m apparently losing my toenail. Had an awesome time.

And yeah, this wreck was probably exasperated by my use of toeclips (especially the toenail).

broke rib.jpg

ouch stinger toe clips are just silly if anything you want to try clipless then atleast you can get your feet out if you do fall.


Ouch - hope you get well soon mate! Glad that at least you had an awesome time though - hold on to the memory!

You and those toe clips. Crazy man.

Ouch! So I’m not the only one injuring myself…

At the end of July I fractured my wrist while riding down the stairs :stuck_out_tongue: