Broken post lol/donkey kick advice.

Well my post broke on my unicycle. So now im going on my DX, suprised how well it works, easier to land on, even though i have to push the pedals harder heres a pic of the broken post at the bottom. Making a movie! If im lucky, i might have it in a week or so, looks really kool right now, even though i cant show it. Almost have a donkey kick, i can flip it and all, just about getting on the pedals, wish me luck, plus, do you have any tips for doing a donkey kick?

Heres me trying to donkey kick unsucessfully.

Check here for Donkey Kick tips.

In your video, it looks like all you are trying to do is the flip. If you want to land it, you have to commit to the trick, and not just keep kicking your legs out. It might be easier if you try to mount directly to the tire from the ground instead of jumping up from the pedals.

I just taught myself donkey kicks in 30min, my suggestion for you is to lower your tire pressure and raise your seat a little bit. When you land on the tire with your feet push down with your weight so you bounce back up. Once you start to bounce back up kick and lean forward. Your video actually inspired me to learn :stuck_out_tongue:

yo, hint. jamesH will lol at this but… dont hit your lip on the seat

hey thats sound advice…