Broken Peddal????

OK guys and gals I need you help here. My Wellgo pedals that came on my Torker dx may be broken, :angry: One of them makes a nose ever time i hop is seems like so I was looking at it and it look like it did not fit quite right into the cranks so I took the pedal off. Low and behold :astonished: it still make noise when I tap on the center peace, i think it may have snapped in side the housing? Will it hurt the cranks to continue to ride it? Will it suddenly snap at the wrong time? Is it broken must i replace it? I.e… 4 foot drop.:frowning: :thinking:

There is bound to be a small amount of play, otherwise it wouldn’t spin. If you had snapped the pedal spindle, then it would be obvious if you wiggled the threaded bit.

Chances are it’s just a small amount of bearing play.

On some pedals, this is adjustable. Is there a removable cap on the end of the pedal? Under this you may find a locknut. It’s a while since I did any pedal maintenance so I can’t be clearer.

Pedals are a replaceable component anyway, if all else fails.

For goodness’ sake, don’t go crossing the thread when you refit the pedal to the crank.

thighten it?