Broken or abused KH frames

If anyone has an aluminium KH frame that has seen better days that they want to get rid of, I’d like to buy it. Doesn’t matter if it is broken, battered, bruised, or brand new and unloved. Any size. I’ll pay shipping plus 20 of your local currency.


I have 2x if you need (broken) and 1x (not broken, but I wont sell this one for 20$) I live in canada/quebec, add me on msn if ur interested

PM ‘sp4rky m4rky’ (sp?). He had a KH 20" with a cracked seattube not long back.


Im curious, What do you want them for?

i have one powder coated white and re-welded once and snapped again.

I have a broken KH short neck. PM Me :smiley: This is what i’ve been lookin for :smiley:

Thanks Dan. Yea I still have my cracked KH20 frame. The crack is about a third to half way around the seattube. The frame is stripped so it would be easy to weld, I just havnt got round to it yet. I would sell that if you want, and I am obviously in the UK which makes it easier.

PMs have been sent. (a 240 second restriction on sending PMs is very annoying when I need to send 4. Grrrr!)

I’ve got a couple of little projects that I’m working on that may or may not leave the frame unusable. The only way to find out for sure is to try it, but I really don’t want to risk destroying a brand new (expensive) frame. If I can get things working ok, I’ll post more details later :slight_smile:


Anyone have broken frame kh and could send to Poland. I will pay. We are have problem to buy parts to unicycle ;/

I have Pay Pal to send money.

Mikael, Tyler and ktkarch, I PMd and/or emailed you all last week but I’ve not heard any reply. If you have got a broken frame and you want to sell it, please reply to my PM.



Now im really curious as to what you want more than one broken KH frame for!

i sent my snapped KH frame to UDC, they may still have it and might give it to you??