Broken nimbus shadow base seat mount

Has anyone else had this happen? I felt a little give when I free mounted and this is what I found.

I’m blind!!!



1st-generation versions broke in front of that front weld; the tubing would break off due to a defect in manufacture. I haven’t heard of your break. Find a camera that can focus, take some pictures and see if you’re due for any warranty coverage. How old is it?

On second thought, your break is of a much simpler variety, and would probably be an easy fix for someone with aluminum welding skills.

So let’s ride something next weekend. If whatever it is breaks, I think I can get good shots of it. :smiley:

More info on thw Shadow in this below thread. My 1st gen handle broke but was good as new after welding.

I hope it was better than new otherwise it sounds like it would break again.

It happens, lots of forces on one weld