Broken Nimbus Freestyle Question

I recently stripped one of the cranks on my pretty new Nimbus X 20-inch Freestyle Unicycle. I need new cranks and pedals and so to avoid this happening again, what do you guys recomend. If I cant avoid it, just let me know specificly what I need to buy to get my uni working again. Thanks
Dotec’s are the best but the Qu-Ax ones look good too (not too much Q-factor)

To keep it from happening again stay away from drops or get a splined hub & cranks

If they stripped during normal riding (i.e you weren’t doing any drops or anything) then it may well be that you had the uni assembled backwards. This causes the pedal to come loose all the time, and loose pedals can strip very easily. Cranks shouldn’t just fail randomly, 99% of the time when they do either the rider was doing drops that the uni wasn’t designed for, or they have the cranks on backwards. Check that the letters R and L stamped in the crank correspond correctly to left and right. If they don’t, either turn your seat round (but make sure the clamp is still arranged so the slot in the clamp aligns with the slot in the frame) or take the wheel out of the frame, turn it around and reinstall it.

The Qu-Ax cranks are nice, I would reccomend them. You’re also going to need a cranks extractor tool to get your old cranks off, UDC sells a couple of different ones. Your pedals might well be fine, usually the steel threads on them survive and only the aluminium crank thread gets destroyed. You’ll also need a pedal spanner, 5mm allen key or 10mm spanner for bearing clamps, 8mm allen key or 15 mm wrench for crank bolts.

What length should i get?

This is a personal preference thing, to check the length of your cranks there should be a number stamped on the inside of your crank, this is your crank length in mm.

Longer cranks will allow you to get more power to the wheel while shorter cranks will allow you to go faster and smother.

I can put 110s on my coker now if i wanted, so you can imagine the speed i’m getting. I also have 125s on my torkers. :smiley: