Broken: New KH 20" rim

Could this be the first?

Aaron (pluto) succesfully broke the rim of his new KH Trials yesterday.

He jumped off a foot high wall, and rimed it. The side wall has came apart, where the join is, which runs all the way round.

The pics didnt come out very well, but here is one:

You have been warned…


how bad did he land that? how low was his tire? if his tire was super low and he landed at a strong angle i could see that happening. if not um, warranty?

most likely the angle that did it… along with a low pressure


Im amazed he was able to clip his rim on the ledge, wone ould think that the tyre would dtop you but I guess not…

Catboy, Aaron apparently did not catch the rim on the corner of the ledge and markf, the angle was not extreme.

The drop was witnessed by Joe Baxter, Rick Else and Kyle Metcalfe. I examined the rim immediately afterwards and there were no impact marks on it, the tyre was still inflated and the rim was immaculate apart from the split.

It was as if the sidewall had been pushed out and split from the rim by the sideways tyre pressure upon landing - however, improbable that sounds!!


Do you know what actually caused this, and if the rim is repairable?

That doesn’t look like much fun at all!

So the story goes that the rim did not hit through the tire because of too low of an air pressure?

If that’s the case… :astonished:

Ouch… I was just gonna order one, but thats made me hesitate… Think i’ll hold back until we hear from Kris about this.

double ouch, i already ordered mine three days ago.

it wasnt caught on the ledge. It happened as he landed


Re: Broken: New KH 20" rim

“Cumbria_Muni&Trials_Club” <> writes:

> It was as if the sidewall had been pushed out and split from the rim by
> the sideways tyre pressure upon landing - however, improbable that
> sounds!!

Looks to me like the tire bottomed out so the force of the landing was
transferred to the rim through layers of tire and tube (but not air).
Still, rims don’t usually bend easily. I wonder if there is a problem
with improper heat treatment.

There isn’t much increase in pressure from compressing a tire,
percentage-wise. It is doubtful that air pressure would cause this.


the one thing I have learned about new products is there wil always be a someone who buys it before everyone else so find out who bought and then find out the details about it so you know if its good or not

p.s like i said before its all new product it still has time to be perfected just show the rim to kris and tell him the truth on what happend and see what he can do because kris would not make crap products:D also put some damn air in your tire and it would not happen:p

sounds like a faulty rim. should be simple warranty then if the angle was not huge and its just a fluke. probably has some weird manufacturing defect. let us know how the warranty process works.

It was my usual tyre presure, a little on the low side but not very low, about 25 PSI, that should never cause what happened and I dont even weigh much! Seems dodgy to me, I’ve done at least 6ft on my old ALEX rim with the same pressure and similar landings i.e not smooth landings, and it’s been fine. This was a faulty rim, no doubt about it.

Woo Hoo

Go Aaron!!


Good work that man.

Don’t worry about it being a dud rim or that, be proud of the fact that you broke a KH rim. I would be!

Take it easy, man.

P.S I broke my big toe at Mabie!


That truly is amazing. Is there any kind of warrantee on the KH products? I would expect the rim to hold up a little better then that.

I doubt these rims are prone to doing this. I think it might have just been a one off, freak accident. The rest of the KH range seems excellent quality.


Lets hope so. . .

This doesn’t make sense to me…
Is it bent up like that on the other side? Seems crazy.

ya that does sound weird…the only 3 ways i can think of are

  1. He landed on a rock, and bottomed out
  2. His tired pushed the rim out because of the angle
  3. His tire twisted as he landed (due to angle )and exposed the rim

For the first one, I was looking at the rim, and its not a flat bend, is more a located spot, may an inch or two, and and coupel inches on each side followed, so maybe he landed on a rock that was two inches or so wide, or a peice of wood/metal/poop.

Number two is probably impossible becasue his tire pressure was only what, 25.

Number three is very possible. 25psi is just enough to let the tire twist, if he land at an agle, the rim would hit the ground with force, and bend out.

SSSssssssssssssounds Suspioussss.