Broken Moker Crank

During a rough trail ride last weekend I shredded the Welgo pedals right off the seven inch Lasco cranks I had on my stock Coker. I’m asking you guys “what kind of replacements should I use?” Replacing cranks is preferable to replacing hubs, should I keep using the Lasco brand as a suicide part or go ahead and get something not made from Budweiser cans? Thanx, carjug

I’ve had real good luck with steel Bicycle Euro cranks.

I’ve used the 150’s and 125’s.


Re: Broken Moker Crank

On Sat, 3 May 2003 10:43:14 -0500, Mojoe
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>I’ve had real good luck with steel Bicycle Euro cranks.
>I’ve used the 150’s and 125’s.

Ditto. I have the 170 Bicycle Euros on my MUni.
I have no experience with Lascos but from what I read here they have
about the worst reputation of all crank brands.

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Same here…B.E.'s on mine. I do absolutely no hopping on my Coker and so far, the cranks are holding up great.


I just got Odyssey Black Widow Euro Cotterless Crank Arms for my Coker ,hopefully they’ll be strong .good for life ?

Thanks guys, I’ts the Euros. I gotta admit I felt macho about being an “equipment shredder”, but The Mighty Wife wasted no words expressing her belief that the broken crank was caused by excessive ice cream consumption! carjug