Broken Mojoe Caption Contest

Best caption wins a Muni Militia sticker and honorary membership.



Re: Broken Mojoe Caption Contest

Johnny Five is ALIVE!!!

Well, gee-whiz Beaker! I dunno about you, but that looks like a LOT of rootbeer to me. . .

I hope my nuts aren’t stripped.

Hey, I was just kidding when I said you would make a nice red seat cover for jagur’s new uni.

Mojo Contest


“… and then they yank on my forehead and drag me all kinds of places! What’s your job like?”


“…und ‘Seetting’ in fur zee svedeesh cheff tudey oon Mooppet Noos, I’m Harvey Seetpust und thees is my cu-hust Beeker. Broke Broke Broke!”

(courtesy of the Dialectizer )

i’ve got nothing
John M

I’m sure glad my hair is shaped like a saddle or it would get pretty messy down here when he sits on me.

“Smack him again, Lewis … I thought I saw him twitch.”

i have no comment for this (i’m stumped!)

but so far BillNye has you all beat hands down! His is gold!

Yeah, go ahead and laugh… not having a nose is a good thing when you’ve got a job like mine!

I see your schwartz is as big as mine.

“I think we have to stare at each other if you intend to topple my reign as the Eyeball Kid.”

Off topic (sorry) but this is a pretty cool avatar…



Yes they’re contacts! How do you expcet me to wear glasses with no ears?

WOW, a talking carrot!!

(similar to the joke: A piece of bacon and a sausage were in a frying pan. The bacon says “phew, its hot in here” the sausage says “wow, a piece of talking bacon!”)

The latest release from Muppet Labs, Robo-Muppet gave an interview today.


What the hell is that?..

What the hell are we staring at?

that would be why your name is unimoron :smiley:

Re: Re: Broken Mojoe Caption Contest

No disassemble!

(That is not my entry BTW)