broken magura break handle?

first of all i apologies that i have no digital camera and cannot provide pics. the deal is that i looked down one day and noticed that my magura break handle is cracked at the clamp :angry: . i’m still trying to find out if there is any replacement possible and at what cost. however, does anyone have any ideas on fixing it. i have no idea what the material is and aside from accessing some airplane adhesives i can’t imagine any super glue doing the trick.

has this happened to anyone else?


As long as the brake handle mount is intact, you can order a replacement handle through magura directly. I think it was 25 bucks. They send you two. I can’t remember if it was 50 bucks for the two handles, or 25 bucks for each, or 25 bucks for the pair.

Email them, or call them. I think I got the phone number off their website.

If the mounting hole in the handle is broken, it can’t be fixed.

It’s actually good to have a spare with you when you ride. If the MUni goes down on a log or rock, it can bend the handle and it’s dust. If you have the spare, it’s a simple fix that takes a few minutes.

I have heard this more and more as I hang around here. there is alot of this going on. the guys a Magura alread make the brake lines for unicyclists, cant they make like, titanium levers or something stronger!? I wouldnt know how to fix it, because I think that brakes add unecessary weight, and they just get in the way. but I would imagine you could ge them from magura directly. its been awhile since I was there, and I dont remember if this is it, so Im not gonna link it, but I think its but dont quote me on that.

The problem with making them stronger is that it will break somewhere else. I’d rather break a lever then the body, you don’t have to bleed the brakes to replace a lever.

A couple of weeks ago I broke my Magura’s turbo pad adjuster (the red knob for fine tuning the brake). I spent $5.00 in gas looking for one locally before I called Magura USA. They mailed me three of them for under $6.00. I ordered them on Friday and had them on Monday. You can download a PDF showing a full break down of the HS33. It also has the part numbers to make things easier. Good luck.

unfortunatly it’s broken at the clamp.

and i’m trying to be in touche with them but it ain’t easy.

thanks all.


If you have problems going through Magura then try Trialsin USA. He has a complete supply of Magura parts. His little shop is based in New York state. He can get you fixed up. He knows his Magura brakes.