Broken Lasco crank...

Finally broke my beloved Lasco cranks.

Will the hotshots please suggest some replacements?


lascos break easily, and bend easier. I would go with maybe some bicycle euros, or maybe nimbus X cranks or something. Odyssey Black Widows are nice too.

Or get splined, as you might in the future. but that’s expensive, so you probably don’t want to.

Splined cranks (which would be nice, I agree) would mean a new hub, and I’m not going to those lengths yet.

The Odyssey Black Widow cranks are pretty. But they’re not the strongest option. People have bent and broken the Odyssey cranks. The Odyssey cranks are also expensive.

Kayote: What crank length are you looking for?

The Kooka cranks are very strong and very stiff and very good. But you can’t get them any more.

I’ve been riding on 170s. I know that seems long to a lot of folks, but I like 'em. I’m on a 26" tire. If there’s a convincing argument for going with shorter cranks, I might listen, but I was awfully fond of those 170s.


You can get the Sugino 170mm tandem cranks. They’re quality cranks and not expensive. You can order them online or from most bike shops. See this thread for the details and a link to where to order them online.

I, personnally would go with the:
170mm Bicycle Euro Cranks
They seem to be your best option, although I have never heard anything about:
Shimano Deore XT 170mm Cranks or the Dotek 170mm cranks.

The shimano’s are a bit pricy at 99 bucks, but of you ever get to the point of destroying BE cranks on a regular basis, and still don’t want a splined setup, you might want to cough up and go for them. The dotek’s are the same price as the BE’s so you might want to try one or the other.

A buddy of mine just got a set of those Doteks. Pity he’s only been on them for a couple of weeks- I’d like to see how they hold up before buying anything…

He got the Doteks to replace a pair of Bicycle Euros that were twisted to uselessness. I don’t think I could keep a pair of those straight for very long. I certainly don’t think they’d hold up to the little jump that broke my Lascos.

Hey- TMax! That other thread I was referred to earlier was one of yours- how’d all that work out for ya? He’p a Memphis Unibrother out!

Just for the sake of it…


im going to have a bunch of stuff for sale in the auction part of this site later tonite and one of those items is a torker DX wheel that has a splind hub and cranks…not sure on the price yet but it may be worth a look later. like 1am PST time.

I’ve had real good luck with Nimbus X cranks on my Muni. I don’t do big drops (probably 24-30 ") and they haven’t come loose or bent. My Muni has been known to go tumbing violently downhill without me, though :smiley: :wink:

Get Euros. I think I spent somewhere around $30-35 US.

Nah. No Euros. Like I said earlier, a buddy of mine just had to replace a pair. They twisted up pretty badly after very little time. It may just be a length thing- 170’s kind of long for such a skinny piece of metal. Or maybe it’s cause of weight. My pal’s just over 200, and his son, who did most of the damage, is a football-player-sort of kid.

Hmmm. Well, maybe they vary by batch or something. My 150s held up to 220 pounds dropping 18 inches. :thinking: Just my 2c.

That’s encouraging. How long have you had (did you have) them? And what kind of riding do you do?

I had them about 4 months. Then I gave that uni to my brother when I got my Summit. I was mostly just a “ride to class” rider, but I had starting doing trials with it. It was a United 24. It was with that one that I learned how to crank stall, hop, hop stairs, and I can’t remember if I ever rode down stairs with it. But I was waaay over 200 pounds at the time. For 35 bucks, I thought they held up pretty well. You do have to pay attention to the tightness. I had to give them a little torque every week or 10 days of riding. I even took it on some Muni last summer. Sun BFR rim, 2.125 tire, granted not the widest in the world, but still worked.

And now my brother is starting to to trialsy stuff with it. That’s why I say the cranks worked. You know, don’t go nuts with them. I’m sure if I had gotten up to higher drops, something would have given out, but I never pushed it that far, mostly because I haven’t gotten that good yet. 2.5 to 3 feet is my max drop right now, and that’s on my Summit. So pushing cranks to their edge isn’t my forte. :smiley:

Yeah, my starter was a stock Torker 24" street ride. I learned stairs and hopping and all, then tweaked the rim pretty badly when I first got on trails and fell down on it. That’s when the cranks started to give up, too. One was bent and wouldn’t stay tight for very long any more. I got the lasco cranks on a used uni. Didn’t have 'em properly tightened for a while and thought I’d wrecked them. That’s when I ordered a pair of Bicycle Euros. I wound up redoing the hub and rim, and learned how to get the Lascos on right. Sold the old rim, hub and brand new Euro cranks to a buddy. He and his son managed to twist the left crank so badly after six months or so (The dad says it was his son hopping up and down off things, the son said it must have been his dad’s weight) that it finally looked like one of those wagons on an old ‘Little Rascals’ short film. It was nuts, but he kept on riding til some proper Doteks finally came in. I’m thinking maybe the Euros were just the victim of their own length and a lot of learning time by more than one rider.

That’s what happened to the original cranks that were on that thing. I tweaked one downward when I started hopping. Probably just bad form, and I kept riding the crank. I bent the othe one when I biffed a hop down a stair. I bent it outwards about 45 degrees. The bike shop bent it back to almost close. So I rode these el cheapo cranks bent slightly for the longest time.

Then I let this kid I met ride it. He was a rider but he had such awful hopping form. I mean, he was pogoing and just slamming the wheel down. I eventually got it back and as I rode away, the cranks felt uber weird. I looked at them and they were tweaked the opposite way. He had bent both cranks back to normal and then more the other direction! He hops with right forward, I hop left forward, so I know it was him who bent them to their death. And he was way lighter than me! I never said anything about it. I just viewed it as incentive to get new cranks after riding then bent for over 6 months. So form, and teaching others does have a bearing on how well they hold up.

Edit; the original cranks and the new Euros were both 150mm. Just for reference.

ah but i just did!!! :smiley:

Nice! And a good price. :smiley:

Now you need a suitable unicycle to put them on.