BROKEN kris holm longeck frame!!!

right, i went into my garden to have a quick uni practise, i decided i’d try and get my treyflips back, and i did. I did 4, and on the 5th treflip i felt my uni give way underneath me, and at first i thought i bust another post. when i looked round i was shocked to see that my frame had snapped.

i’ve got some pictures but photobucket is being really slow atm, so i’ll put them up later…

I just hope i can get it replaced

That’s the same place I broke my frame at.

Edit: Kris refused to replace mine. Let me know if you manage.

Shit, if i cant get this replaced im screwed, theres no way im gonna be able to afford another frame for months…

How did yours break pele? mine felt great since i got it and it suddenly wen ona treyflip :thinking:

I broke mine practicing outsejflips. Mine steadily got more and more cracked though.

Now Kris has to make the crown thicker. The only 3 longneck frame I saw broken were all at the same place.

yeah, the metal around the crown is ridiculously thin, i would happily have a frame 50g heavier if it removed this problem

Yeah, all the same place.
That one guy before Pele (forgot your name) , Pele, David, and now you. :frowning:
Anyone else?


Sorry dude. =\

Kris Holm contacted me about this. As its under a year old, if it is a fault in the weld i will get a replacement. I need to send it to UDC so they can verify if it is a weld breakage.

and am i really only the 4th person to break an 08 kh frame? thats prettty hardcore :sunglasses:

and thanks for the sympathy crazy stares :slight_smile:

If there is no crack across the weld then it isn’t a weld breakage. The welded material is stronger than the base metal, it looked like you sheared just below the weld. Tough luck man :frowning:

ahhh crap, i’ll still send it away, theres no harm in trying as its still not very old.

really, its rediculous that i payed £89 for a frame that i thought would last me years, and it broke in 7/8 months

I broke my frame at the same place and I got a new frame :slight_smile: Hope you get one too!

The weld looks good to me…

That stinks man. I’m hoping my Koxx-One frame doesn’t end up like that (I’m sure it will)!

I have to wonder if the knurled metal is fatigued more than if it were not knurled.

Too bad aluminum is such a PITA to weld. Maybe you could find a shop that could weld it and beef it up for you?

Huh? :thinking:

I thought I was the first to break it :o.

There’s no telling how many other customers might have broken a frame but don’t read/post here. But I will assume not very many!

It seems some of those tricks put more stress on the frame than may have been realized. Especially with a long neck, which can add up to more stress on the spot where the metal is tearing/breaking.

i got two small peices of metal added to the front and back of my 2007 frame, along w/ re-welding the break (it was the seatpost tube) for $50 from a guy who works at a muffler shop.

That sounds like what I was thinking. Sure welding aluminum takes a little more skill than steel, but it’s not impossible or even exotic. You should be able to find a guy to grind out the old bead, weld it back together, and then basically weld a Jubilee patch on there.