Broken KH Saddle

whilst rolling hopping a 50cm ledge, the flex in the KH saddle happened to rip the seat off the plate inside, which creates an extreme amount of flex, and i can pull the seat at least 2cm away from the top of the seat post. has anyone else had this problem? heres some photos…and now i have to fork out $NZ100 for a new one :frowning:

Blimey, I’ve snapped 3 KH seats, but not all the way through the plastic, tho you’re farfrom the only one to do it. If you’ve done that, see if NZ have KH carbon fibre bases or if they’ll order them, cuz that’s as tough as seat bases get at the minute. You can use your old handle and bumper and foam and will just need a cover unless you want to glue theold one to the base.

Yes this has happened to me i dont think the seat bases on the kh’s are very srtong.

That happened to me aswell, though not with a KH, so now i am looking at getting a KH.

KH Saddle

yea, one of the guys was talking about getting a carbon seat base, i cant really afford to get one as well as a new seat. i think il just pay for a new one and hope…

Has anyone broken any of the new generation KH seats?

according to Kris, they have 2 reinforcement plates that are 20% thicker than the older models (older models have one plate), so he says they should be a lot stronger than an old model like mine

You don’t need a new seat, that’s the point!

Re: KH Saddle

You want me to order an extra one when I put my order through?

Like I said- they don’t flex at all if my Miyata carbon seatbase is anything to go by. Maybe try transplanting the old seat cover or try making your own to make it cheaper?


heres a picture taken tonight of how much my seat can flex now, and when im doing a big rolling hop, its almost vertical…:frowning: