Broken KH Pulse Gloves?!

Who is wearing the KH Pulse Gloves these days? Has anyone else managed to break the wrist support piece in a pair of KH pulse gloves?

I had the strangest thing happen to me. Today I was riding along on the trail, hit a large root I wasn’t expecting, and took an exceptionally hard fall right down on my right hand/arm and hip. After taking a survey of my person (checking for external bleeding and making sure I was generally in one piece), I took off down the trail again. Not too long later I noticed a clicking sound in my wrist. Upon further inspection, I realized it was in fact my glove. The wrist support piece (piece of hard plastic or whatever it is in the glove) seems to have completely snapped in two.

So, I guess I’m replacing them. Now, on the one hand, I’m quite thankful that the glove broke and my wrist didn’t. On the second hand, I’m wondering if maybe there is a stronger type of glove/wrist guard that might hold up better? I’m not sure if I was just lucky that my wrist wasn’t damaged, or if it would have been worse if I wasn’t wearing the gloves. I will probably just get a new pair of KH Pulse gloves, as I like the full-fingered protection (I had another UPD that involved rolling into a bush covered with thorns today) combined with the wrist support, but I wanted to see if anyone else (particular anyone who rides MUni) has come across anything similar.

I have the KH Pulse gloves and havn’t broken the splint but I dont tend to land on my wrists much. There are some gloves called hillybilly gloves or somthing like that, which people seem to like.

I’m using the KH gloves. I’ve broken the wrist support several times on different gloves. I don’t consider it anything special. Maybe I should consider getting these Hillybillys or what it was they are called… :slight_smile:

KH Gloves

The KH Gloves are a good deal. I have the Hillbillies and the Harbinger but I like the KH the most. I have broken a thumb and a finger and sprained my wrist but never broken the plastic wristguard. I thiink it depends a lot on how you fall.
I have not found better gloves though.


I started out wearing aluminum-spined wrist guards under gloves. Managed to sprain my wrist even with those on (probably would have broken without). Doctor recommended wrist guards for in-line skating, so I got some Rollerblade Lux wrist guards:

I like them a lot. They feel very solid, and I’ve taken some falls on them without incident. I wear them over a pair of cheap leather gloves for muni, so I can just replace the gloves when they get holes or too stinky.
Looking for this picture, I also see there are women’s specific lux guards available.


My one splint s also broken. I don’t remember the occasion when it snapped though, it just felt loose one day after a ride.

I’m not sure if this is a design intention, but having the splint break means that the glove is doing its job. if the splint didn’t breakl at a certain point, then your wrist will. Of course, one must try and get the right balance being adequet protection and tooo little protection - many people claim that the Pulse splint provides too little protection.

I’m on my second pair, the first split across the palm after a heavy fall on tarmac. They are not really that heavy duty but I think they perform very well for what they are intended for.

I’ve used Hillbillies, splints and such like for years for my mountain boarding but find them way too tough and serious for unicycling.

Overall I’m very pleased with the KH gloves and as with everything I treat them as consumables and expect to replace from time to time (a pair a year at £25 doesn’t seem bad, especially compared to what I spend on motorcycle stuff).

Thanks for all of the replies. After reading some reviews and reading the responses here, I think I will just get another pair of KH gloves. I liked them a lot, and I don’t have any reason to think anything else will be as comfortable and hold up any better. :smiley: