Broken KH Handle

Earlier today I was hopping on some pallets, and one time when I didn’t quite make it up I landed really weird with all my weight on the handle, causing it to snap off.

Here’s a little vid that I made of it.

I took the broken handle off and put my yellow handle from my other qu-ax saddle on. It doesn’t look very good, but it’s only temperary.:slight_smile:


Bummer. Ive got white stress marks along one of mine, right where yours broke.

On the topic of handles, I just got one in from UDC and its a bit different. Its got no fins on the underside. Is this new, old, whatup wit it? Either way I really like it, feels so much nicer and if I end up cracking the handle in half. (the opposit way of above) I wont cut my fingers on the broken fins.+++

There was a bunch of defective KH handles and bumpers that break easily with impacts. When Evan was at my house his uni fell on the ground when he was gliding and a big chunk of the handle snapped off.
Darren was telling me that he spent a whole day switching KH handles on the seats he was selling.

That is the old kind.

Do you think I would be able to get a replacement handle from UDC? It doesn’t really matter because they are only like 9 bucks anyways…

UDC usually does a 30 day warranty deal. If you mention how you landed pretty hard on it then you probably wont get a free replacement.

it was his fault it broke, whether or not it was defective.

only broke 1 kh handle. same thing but off a 3-4 ft drop and followed by a faceplant. at the start of the ride too. got up and finished the ride with no handle

yea i broke my KH handle trying to seat drop PS. does ne1 no why they dont bounce like other seats

Seat drops are horrible on a DX… the frame is so heavy it doesn’t bounce.

Mine broke too now.

First it split down the middle where you grip it with your hand, which sucked cause that pinches my hand every now and the, and yesterday I had a chunk of plastic come out of the front, and today I had a few of the fins underneath snap apart.

So now my handle is really sharp to grab onto, and pinches when I pull up for a rolling hop.