broken kh frame :( :( :(

so this afternoon i broke my kh frame, that sucks…
here are the pics:

so be carefull kh frame owners…

– bobousse, will ride with the qu-ax frame waiting for my home made frame to be rewelded

Must be that time of the month for frame breaking.

What did you do when it broke?
And indeed, it’s “brake your frame month”
I must include the party when I go out and ride this weekend :roll_eyes:

Peter M

This looks like a break that may have been partially caused by a loose clamp and the seatpost being all the way into the seat tube. Of course the metal must have been weakened before but that’s my guess for a break like that.

Hmm, im guessing it was from a flatland trick.

This is why I don’t like kh frames, just do something like nimbus 2, quax, koxx and don’t worry for the most part. The little bit of weight will not make that big of a difference.

Fixed. lol

boy that sucks

yea what did you do?

Did you try emailing Kris before deciding on re-welding it? You might want to give that a try first…

Re-read his post.

Ummmm, am I having a blonde moment? :thinking:

nah, i barely caught it. he is getting his home made frame re welded, didn’t mention how he broke it or what he’s doing with it.

i agree, this seems to be the leading cause of death in KH frames

Yeah I guess, if you skim the post you might have missed it.

I don’t know how that powder coat was removed, but if it is chemically, how do you know they did not weaken the aluminum?

I can’t imagine having a frame re-TIG welded can be cheap. It’s gotta run close to $100. Not every old welder can deal with aluminum. You might just be better off buying a new frame.

in response (sort of) to the comment that was to the tune of “this is why I don’t like KH. go quax nimbus or koxx”…KH and koxx frames are very similar in material and welding technique where the qu-ax and nimbus frames are similar in construction to each other bu different than KH and koxx.

Yeah, I’d say it’s better to e-mail Kris about it and getting his oppinion before blabing it to the world.

Aluminum goes through fatique MUCH more than steel or titanium. I heard Kris is thinking of changing the aloy to be less stiff and brittle to being softer and more resistant to repeated stress.

This seems a more likely cause to me.

How old is it? I dont know if its just me but I would say it looks pretty old. If this is the case will kris still replace it? Do we exspect kris to replace every broken frame? This seems like a bit of a bum deal on his behalf.

frame is a kh 07 so its not that old, its just he took the paint off,

yeah i’m not sure we can expect kris to change every frame either, but…

Sucks for you bobouse, get that homemade frame back and you’ll be riding in no time.