Broken KH frame

Heres some pics of my broken KH frame. I was doing a flatland trick when i broke it. The scratched part on the frame was from trying to get the seat post out after it broke



Ouch, will there be any garantee on that or is it just tough luck?

Shame about that.

but its clear that XTP is stronger… espcially the new ones with a small gusset plate welded on the crown. no ones snapped the production xtps ever yet, maybe yoggi just snap the crappy first prototype from like 3 years ago.

I am telling you kh had mad booty frames dawg just hit up renegade and pick up a white russion for like 2dubs and a jackson(?) (50$).

How did you do it though?

At least the weld held up fine. Just the metal above it stressed to much.

Sell it to me Jon!

Although true, they are awful for flatland.

i saw it after u broke that it and that is weird…
do u think it broke due to your weight or your hardcore muscles?

That sucks

A little back ground story would be nice. What happened ? :thinking:

He did a trick it broke.

No shit.

What trick though, and what extremities of the trick? Thats what we want.

Yes shit.

Flat land of some kind.

I don’t know.

I knew that.

Help any?

It was a step over with a unispin to the tire. So basically he was hopping on the cranks, did half of a leg around and stepped on the tire then the frame broke.

Not at all.

Thanks, Spencer. Now it makes sense to how it snapped, and with tricks likee that, and the pressure points from the trick, its not really too surprising.

He also had a stick in the seat post to strengthen it but it put all the force into that point on the frame.

yeah dont try to strengthen the seat post haha.

But i still stand by the KH frame tho, its an strong, light, well made frame.

Mine had been threw alot but i think the trick just gave the knockout punch.

That’s been broken as well. I saw Yogi break a prototype in a Koxx vid after lots of HUGE drops while at the Japan UNICON. Maybee they fixed it :thinking:

Another Koxx rider cracked one of the early production ones, never doing anything very big on it. Mentioned on here by Sponge. I thought it could very easily been a manufacturing defect on that particular frame and not representive of the frame in general.

Both of those broke/cracked in the same spot as this KH.

PM Kriss. He may replace it free or at a reduced charge.

It may have been because his “reinforcement” whent to near the bottom of the neck and did like Spencer said.

How about this; find an tube the EXACT outer diameter as the inner diameter of the post. Stick the tube in the freezer overnight, then heat up the post w/ a torch or gas stove then quickly stick it in. Then don’t put it in all the way to the base, leave an inch or two.

Good Weld

That is a good weld. The Aluminum tube itself snapped there. The manufacturere can’t be blamed. If it wasn’t overly abused or used a lot which caused fatigue then I would say that the Aluminum itself was defective. Maybe the Aloy was not mixed well or an impurity got into the tube at that place.


Or…The frame was designed with too thin of a seat tube.

Or…as mentioned before…aluminum just doesn’t handle repeated stresses well because aluminum has no fatigue threshold like steel does.

ahaha dont want to be pro XTP or anything but a proto doesnt really count - and joe hodges - the guy with the production XTP with a crack - hasnt actually broken the frame - was just a crack and he does go very big :stuck_out_tongue: he came 3rd at fluck for trials so hes not exactly likely to have gone “small” on his frame?