Broken Hub

I was peddling along and all of a sudden the right crank fell off.

Now what do I do with it?

it’s finished. what kind of uni is that?

you can

a: get a new hub, disassemble the wheel and rebuild it to the new hub

b: get a new wheelset (if available)

c: get a new uni :stuck_out_tongue:

if it’s a torker cx or something around 100$, best bet is to get a new uni, because a new uni will cost just a tad more than a new hub/wheelbuild (or just as much…)

It’s a Summit 24" h.eavy duty

“heavy duty” - apparently not.

Get a new uni. Lots of other threads about best uni to choose; probably a Nimbus in the $200-300 range would be good.

I guess it goes to show that buying cheap can become expensive. I paid $119 for it on I contacted the seller and he said sorry about your luck, there’s only a thirty day warranty.

I think they just got the spelling wrong don’t they mean “Heavy Doodie?”

Yeah, unfortunately there’s crappy equipment in all fields, and the sellers usually cater most to beginners who are unaware of the difference.

lbfin88, I hope this doesn’t put you off on unicycling. is a good bet for your next uni; just give them a call to discuss your needs.

If you’re not ready to put much more money into a new unicycle, try Craigslist.

Can you ride one-footed? There’s never been a better time to learn!

Would you say the same about a titanium hub? Even good parts can break. But that hub is not especially strong, just “regular” for regular unicycles. I’ve broken tons of them (back before anything else was available). I agree with the recommendation to replace the uni. Replacing the hub is a lot of work, and involves rebuilding the wheel. buying a new uni gives you the option of fixing that one later, and having a backup uni for teaching your friends.

I think I am going to buy a Nimbus 29". I have learned a lesson the hard way. Don’t buy a cheap uni, it cost too much.

lol I considered that. No pedal or crank to get in the way.

Good point. However, I was reading the first post as indicating that there wasn’t much in the way of extreme riding going on. :slight_smile: