Broken HS33

The lever recently snapped off of my HS33 during a fall. It looks like I will have to replace the lever and the piece that connects to my T7. I’ve been looking around and can only find replacement levers; can anyone help me out?

go on ebay, get a knackered old one for $10, swap the handle off it. You shouldn’t have to replace the main body, just grab an M6 allen key and whip the pivot bolt out, making sure you note how it connects with the link to the master cylinder, and stick the new handle in.

what has the body of it broken?
Similar to this?

I think you might just have to find someone with spares, or find a cheap set on ebay because I don’t think I found a replacement body

I have seen levers for sale somewhere though, and have another one like in the pic in my shed. Probably a bit far away though.

The part with the pivot bolt snapped off, so I’m out of luck there. Also, eBay doesn’t seem to be much help. :o

I managed to get my hands on a new master cylinder, so I unscrewed the old one from the cable and attached it to the new one. Unfortunately, I do not get a response from the brakes. Since I essentially have no idea what I’m doing, can anyone offer any advice?

Bleed kit?

Yep. Or if you have some spare parts, you can make one yourself from a syringe. At any rate, it sounds like there’s air in your line. Bleeding is simple, but can take a while. Basically, you take out the plug on the slave cylinder (the one that only has one hose–the crossover–attached to it), take out the plug in the master cylinder (next to where the the hose comes out), pump magura blood brake oil (or water, or sewing machine oil, or …) from the slave until it comes out of the master with no bubbles. Then put the plug back in the master, and then in the slave. You should be good to go.

Some people who run their brake with water instead of oil put the whole shebang in a tub of water, and that makes it easy to get all the air out of the line.