Broken hearts and new Unicycles.

Well, I was just hurt for a second time by the same girl, and i’m rather sad and am going to cheer myself up with a new uni from the money I got after getting my car t-boned.

I havn’t been very lucky lately ^^

Anyhow, i’m thinking a muni, and its either going to be a Kris Holm 24" or 29" XC. I havn’t ridden anything over a 20" in a LONG time, so I was really just looking for something to do some fast paced trail ridding, (not really distance) but I would like some monuverability, I really don’t know how cumbersome a 29" wheel is, since i’ve never ridden one, but I think i’d enjoy the speed it would offer, as long as I can still kinda bounce around when need be.

also what is the tire width on the KH29 XC?

And lastly a picture of my car for those that care

I bruised my brain and had some short term memory loss, but physicaly I was perfectly fine, and my brain is okay now.

‘better to have loved, then not have loved at all’ :smiley:

Definately do something for yourself!
If buying a new Uni helps, do it.

Happy shopping :slight_smile:

You should have been wearing a 661 helmet or similar. Just goes to show, getting to a unicycle event is more dangerous than unicycling itself.

The KH Freeride is a graet lttle machine.

Deffinently true, that girl has put me through alot, and she has even said, “I want to get mad at you, but I can’t because you’ve done nothing wrong” But all in all, what i’ve been through has made me a better person, and i’m greatfull for the experience, I just wish it would someday end well.

That dosn’t help my decision! I’m still torn between the two uni’s.

But dosn’t the freeride have pretty long cranks? I’m looking to move at a decent speed, although the wider tire on the freeride is attractive. And besides now your making me rethink the freeride!

I got my KH freeride from Darren and he switched out the longer cranks for 150s. Right now, I am riding it with 127s so it goes really fast:D

Bummer about the girlfriend. Someone better will come along. From the looks of the car you’re damn lucky they t-boned the passenger side. Hope nobody was riding with you. I’ve never ridden a 29 but from some of the posts I’ve read here, I’d be real tempted to go that route. Speed and distance man.

I’m very sorry for the troubles that you have encountered recently.

Some years ago I had my own meeting with disaster: girlfriend left, car accident, lost my work, health…etc.
If someone said then that it was for the best, I would have punched them. But, years later I see now how my life has changed. Those traumatic events, set me on a different path and changed my life in a profound way. Now, looking back, I wouldn’t want back any of the things I then thought I had lost.

To the uni - I don’t own a KH, but do ride a Yuni 29er. My experience of a 29" wheel is that it’s fast, still maneuverable, and has a momentum unlike anything smaller. Most of the miles I put on is at night on local streets / hills, with some light trails. I swap between the NanoRaptor (2.1) and the Big Apple (2.35) tires. The 150’s cranks are nice but a little too long even for the severe hills that I enjoy, so I now use 140’s.

Wishing you all the best… :slight_smile:

Wow, you have had a rough time lately. Glad you survived that wreck, to hell with the girl.

You should accept donations and buy yourself a fleet of unis. Unis make me feel better, too!

Man, that line sounds just like some of the silly things any of my old ex-girlfriends would say whenever the relationship would end.

And if she is capeable of uttering such a bogus line of rubbish, then you know she is not worth it. Just think “Buzzer sound—”, then NEXT!

Believe it or not, there are PLENTY of fish in the sea. You’ll see…

Oh, and the unicycle? Get a 29er. It is vastly different from a 20er–and the big difference will be a much better distraction from daydreaming about your ex-girlfriend. If you get a 24incher, it won’t feel that much different from the 20er, and you’ll be riding around without much of a challange, and you’ll start wondering about that girl. BUT, a 29er is a whole different ballgame–it’s like a new lease on life…well sort of.

Also, I’ll bet chicks dig 29er riders–just ride past them, they’ll give you a compliment, you start talking to them, and before you know it you have a phone book filled with numbers of all the girls your 29er will bring you to. Problem solved, old girlfriend f-o-r-g-o-t-t-e-n!

That’s just wrong… in so many ways…

I got this one on my last … “I’ve moved on …”
(This phrase … when ever I hear it … makes me want to break something … :wink: )

As for the Uni choice… a 24" isn’t that fast.
I’d get the 29.

Be sure to tell us how much fun it is…

cyberpunk Wrote: "But all in all, what i’ve been through has made me a better person, and i’m greatfull for the experience, I just wish it would someday end well. "

Anyone who has been through what you have, and can make a statement like that, has a unique heart. Your destiny is meant for greater things.

When the sculpture Michelangelo was asked how he created the famous statue “David”, he answered: " the statue already existed within the stone, I simply removed every piece that was not David."

Life is in the process of removing what doesn’t suit you - as painful as that is - so that you may walk into your greatness as well.

I really never delved into what happend, other then my car getting t-boned, but i’m healthy, and thats what matters, so that didn’t bug me very much ^^. Anyhow, thank you for the remark. I’d like to think I was a good person.

But yes, you guys have helped me make my decision, i’m going KH 29XC, getting anything else seems stupid now, and as for the girl, i’ll always love her, we dated for a year, then she moved (military family) And we continued a long distance relashionship for two years, during that time, I flew over to Georgia to visit her twice, once for ten days and once for three weeks, but our long distance relashionship ended, after two years because she started dating someone behind my back, (Cheated on me too). I knew, but she didn’t know I knew, I was just kinda hoping it would blow over, finnaly I told her I knew, and then she stoped talking to me, a year latter, I moved to Georgia, partialy to win her back, partialy to get away. We ended up hanging out on three occasions, (She was still dating that guy) I had reached a certain level of resolve, in knowing although I loved her I could never be with her because it would bring back to much pain. After talking to her for ten minutes I knew I could, and wanted to be with her again, and forgave everything, she ended up sending me messages to my phone, saying she still cared for me ect, we had a fun night at a boy scout camp where a friend of mine was working, that next evening we were talking on the phone, and I ended up going to her house, we talked in my car, from about 1am till around 6am, I kissed her, and she kissed me pationetly, the next day I got t-boned, the day after that she broke up with her boyfriend, and said it was because of me, the day after that HE proposed to her, and she said yes… I still think she made a mistake, you guys have no idea how compatible we are, its rediculus, infact the first time i saw her again in over a year the first thing we started dooing was mimicking eachother ^^ not on purpose, but someone would ask a question and we’d both give the exat same response at the exact same time. Its just how we are.

So yeah thats more or less the story, with the exeption of people directly involved, you’ll be the only ones to know, infact, most of the people from Oregon (where i’m from) think when I moved here we were still dating. Its going to be hard to go back home, and explain things, oh well.

Her name is Madelynn, here is us at that camp I mentioned, Mike is the guy who was working there, he is great, its fun to hang out with a guy that dosn’t just talk about sex all day, I really get sick of that ^^.

Eh, forget all that “I’ll always love her” crap. She cheated on you and dumped you; you deserve better than that. Don’t give your energy to someone who can’t accept it.

And remember, the best revenge is living well, so definitely go for a KH.

Yeah, you knew what was going to happen all along…it’s even written on your shirt in the picture.

She has a lot of growing-up to do.

Enjoy the KH… :slight_smile:

Re: Broken hearts and new Unicycles.

Glad you’re ok after your car wreck – but i wouldn’t drive in that
<|> parking lot anymore,
it looks like the aftermath of a demolition derby!

Enjoy your new uni, it’s a beaut.

I don’t usu. talk about this kind of stuff but, but i have kind of a
privileged perspective. (brave sir stupid is an army brat)

It’s just the way military kids are, it’s the result of moving around so
much. We’re all great catches, most of us are super personable, but a
lifetime of being dragged the globe truly makes for a lot of “love 'em
and leave 'em” behavior. Its not dumping as much as it’s just “what’s
not here now doesn’t exist”. It’s the only possible emotional
survival strategy available to someone in that situation. Consider
yourself blessed to have had the time you did, and get on with the
loss-of-attachment healing process. If i had a nickel for every
lifelong friend i lost during my brat years…be glad you’re not her.


Sorry to hear of your problems, cyberpunk.

Can’t help thinking that this whole story is destined for a book and movie. The thread title would work so well as a movie title! A mainstream film with unicycles and unicycling integral to the plot! Cool.


And you won’t regret getting the 29er.

Sorry to hear about your heartbreak and car wreak, but looking at your car makes me think you are indeed VERY lucky. You could be dead or worse.

Heartbreak always sucks, and it seems like nobody can understand what you’re going through. It’s almost like a loved one dying (and in a sense it is). However, it can also provide you with energy that you can channel into changing your life.

I agree.


I have to disagree with BraveSirStupid in one aspect. Being forced to move away from your friends and lovers is inevitable in a military family. Being dishonest is not. It’s always hard to be honest with yourself in situations like this, because it can be impossible to step away from the situation and look at it sensibly. She cheated on you. Cheat on me once, shame on you. Cheat on my twice? Shame on me. Her marriage may not last long (or may not even happen). I don’t recommend you wait around to see. Life is short. NEXT!

Unicycle advice:
Based on my history of unicycle collecting, the question is not so much about which new unicycle you should have. The question is which one you should have first. :slight_smile: Which kind of riding would you like to do right now? Hardcore trail pounding, or going fast? 29ers can be very fun on trails. The only times they’re not so fun is when the riding is so technical you think you may be risking wheel damage.

Well, I really want to do some hardcore trail ridding, I see my self hopping over ledges, onto steep, declines, and pedaling out like a mad man, then bursting through a bunch of bushes, and falling into a stream… yeah that sounds about right, I really dont’ plan on stoping much with the kind of unicycle i’m looking to get, and although i plan on dooing drops, they will rarlely if never be to flat, how easy is it to taco a 29" wheel? Because although I don’t plan on dooing very technical stuff, hopping, grabs, droping to flat, ect… I am hard on myself, and am not afraid to get the crap beat out of me, and I expect to have a unicycle that can take the abuse with me.