broken handle :(

i got my first unicycle for christmas :smiley: and have been on it pretty much non stop since then, ive been riding on concrete all this time

today i spooned up a freemount and the handle on the seat hit the concrete hard, its now got a crack all the way through and if i spereate it i cna put my fingers in the middle

ive been trying little hops today but with this cracked handle i cant pull the unicycle at all without it seperating and my finger getting trapped :frowning:

should i just try and superglue it or something or would it be good to get a new saddle

im not saying it was the unicycles fault, just the fact that i cant stay on it :smiley:
its a club freestyle 20" from

I wouldn’t worry too much, UDC make replacement handles: (thats uk site)
If I were you, I would just order the new handle, and try superglue or ductape for the time being, and just hope it holds up

Handles cost next to nothing, I’d just get at new one (separate handle) if I was you (unless you are really short for cash). It seems that the combination of concrete and cold doesn’t do handles much good in my own experience.

thanks people
i didnt think of the cold :smiley:

+1 get a new handle, also I would suggest putting ductape on it in the meantime.

(If you’re in the us)
I’ve found that udc can be kinda stupid w/ shipping on small items. My friend paid $10 shipping on a replacement handle! I’d suggest calling when they open on monday and order the handle over the phone. The handle should fit in one of their flat-rate priority mail boxes. It’ll cost $5 to ship, and it should arrive quickly.