broken hand

yesterday while learning how to ride one footed i fell backwards and broke my hand. i have a soft cast now. im not going to uni until about next wednesday when i get a full cast because my plaster one now will break if i fall. its gonna be a long 4 days.

Wow! And I was just chatting with you yesterday.

I was wondering why you were taking so long to respond :wink:

At least it’s not your leg, good healin’

Learning to ride one-handed should be easier!

Good luck on your recovery.

well good job george

Ouch. Sounds worse than the chipped bone I had, and that put me out of action for 2 - 3 weeks.

Sounds much much worse than my minor graze from today’s U/W disaster.

maybe i can break more bones on a u/w. edit: BRYAN! ONE SKILL FROM LEVEL 4 DOESNT MAKE YOU LEVEL 4.1. ITS 3.1.

Were you wearing any guards?

You were just jealous that I fell and scraped my hand so you had to outdo me. :stuck_out_tongue:

no armor, i was just learning to ride one foot. i practicfed more today despite the hand. i can ride down the street pretty well now

yes rayden…must out-do you

I received the nastiest scars of my life learning to ride one footed last summer. I think that freestyle must be more dangerous than muni, what with all the time with your feet off the pedals.


even though i broke it learning freestyle, i think muni is still way more dangerous

man good for you for going back to riding so soon. I dislocated my shoulder 2 weeks ago (not on my uni), and I haven’t been riding yet since. It still hurts with stress on it, so I’m a little worried about doing more damage if go out for a ride and happen to UPD. Maybe I’m just lacking a little confidence in myself.

dislocated shoulder is quite a bit worse than a hand