Broken frame(s)

Hey crew, I am looking for broken frames for a project I am working on. I am willing to give you a couple bucks for handling and I will pay shipping to Canada. Let me know what you have?

what size you looking for? i got a kh 20 and a nimbus 20

I am looking to do a 26" FAT build off of the doner frame. I would guess the bearings would 40mm but I have spare adapter rings so either would work. If you were willing to give up either frame, I can make it work. PM me and we can work it out. Seat post is not a big deal either.

I might have 2 pairs of pressed bearing holders (like the learner frames) that you could use to start a frame. All you need it the tubing for the rest!

It’s exactly what I did for my Fat frame!

Jacob, that would be awesome. I have a few ideas got design but wouldn’t mind seeing yours either. Send me a pm and we can sort out a payment and drop off for the caps.

Do you just need bearing holders? You can get those from UDC:

No, my vision is to take an existing frame, cut the leg sections at the top where the extra clearance is needed, then extend that section with flat metal (as most frames would have enough space for a fat tire if the down tubes weren’t so thick) then weld the bottom section of the down tubes back on once clear of the tire. No change in geometry, no design, just a mod.
Buying bearing holders means I have to design, cut, weld a complete frame. I would do that if I had too, but that is not my preference!

Sounds like a fun project. I’d like to see it when you’re done.

This is kinda exactly what I did for mine though. I only have the bearing cups for you, I dont have any part of frame.