Broken Foot

Eight weeks ago I broke my foot unicycling down a rutted trail. I’ve now been given the go-ahead to put a little weight on it. Today I received this shirt in the mail. How fitting.

Today, I went for my first real bicycle ride and it went well. Limited hill climbs, no bumpy dirt, and no unicycling in the near future. At least I can get out and move.

That is obviously a self explanatory shirt and yet somber.
I hope you dont have to give up uni entirely. I would hit major depression if I had to…
Hoping you a speedy recovery and back on saddle.

What a good Tshirt!
But I don’t think I want one…

Take it easy and get well soon.


Ow. Ow. Ow.

Um…where do I get one of those shirts? :slight_smile:


Ouch mbalmer :frowning:
Wishing you a good and speedy recovery :slight_smile:


Great t-shirt :slight_smile:


Your next stage:

Thanks all. I should be back to unicycle by summer; I hope. I can ride with my son in law. Off road, he unicycles and I ride my knee scooter in dirt. Here are some video clips of my off road adventures at Fort Ord, in CA. Sorry for the shake. Youtube calmed camera shake which made the explanations shake.

Brilliant video mbalmer :slight_smile:

It looks like so much fun. I’ve never seen a scooter like that before, it looks neat.

I don’t usually have the sound on when I watch you tube vids but I just knew there was going to be some good music to match the content and I wasn’t wrong.
Love the tune, and your dogs.
The shaky text just made it more delightful :slight_smile:

Did you have to do 100 lines for damaging your cast :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

Haha. No, no writing assignments for me. I cut the handle off of a spatula and duct-taped the flat part to my new cast’s heel. That way I could drag it on occasion, without wearing through the cast. My scooter is almost wrecked. It’s gone down many long paved and dirt hills. I had a few good crashes (I have a video of a scooter crash at the same site where I broke my foot. It was supposed to be a hike, to take a picture of “the place”). That one hurt (not my foot)! Oops. Now the front left tire is bent, the brakes are no good, and the whole thing squeaks and rattles. It is still sort of usable:D.

I have purchased a used electric scooter and use it as a knee scooter. That allows me to take it into all establishments, even though it’s the size of a bicycle. It is for on/off road. It will be more fun when I put a more powerful motor on (though that will be expensiv :roll_eyes: e).

I am am an idiot, but I have to find ways to get out and have fun while recovering. It’s too boring sitting around and watching TV.

Great video and brilliant improvisation whilst your injury repairs! I bet it was also fun for the K9’s. Have a quick recovery.

You are awesome.

I agree! Way to not let a broken foot get in the way! :slight_smile: