broken elbow

will i still be able to ride? I broke my elbow in a car wreck. lol

you can probably ride, but depending upon which arm it is it might make hopping and tricking a little difficult. although i dont see why riding would be a problem.

I would still ride. I would still be hardcore if it was my right arm(not hopping arm). you would have to be careful though because if you fell on it, it would probably not be too good for it.

you will have to be carefull about the bails too
the worst injurie is when you hit something that was already dammaged

yeah i have had that experience. really not that much fun.

Hell yus you can ride m8 wait for the pain to go away and hop with the good hand, or jsut go for some cruisin rides since im sure fallin will suck :wink:

I broke my elbow (among other things) during a spectular MTB crash last year. It took about a month and a half before I could ride, but I still can’t extend my left arm fully.
Don’t skip the physiotherapy.