Broken Dust Cap

So yeah, the dust cap on one of my cranks snapped in half. I know it isn’t THAT big of a deal, but on the subject of replacement-

What exactly is the difference between those 3 caps, and are any of them any better than the others?

If it matters, I ride a Torker DX.

The alloy ones screw in, and are metal so they won’t break. The only downside is you need an allen wrench to install and remove them.

I’m not sure that those dust caps will fit on a Torker DX. Those dust caps are for cotterless (square taper) cranks. The Torker DX has splined cranks and may have a different size dust cap. You’ll need to check on that.

the DX ones are smaller … i tried to stick one that I found on my DX and it didn’t work

Don’t think any of them will work. they will fit the torker CX, LX and the TX. But not the DX. Mine end caps like what would be on the others is an allin bolt with a plastic washer.
Good luck,
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My LX ones kept falling out and I got tire of looking for them and putting them back in so I just thre them away.:smiley:

the tx doesnt need dust caps does it?

depends, if it has 3 piece cranks then it might need them. if it doesn’t, then no, it won’t.