Broken Cranks?

I dont suppose anyone would be able to help me… I jumped down a set of stairs in Croydon today, and managed to bend my cranks or hub so the cranks aren’t in line with eachother anymore. How would i go about fixing this??

Hi Brendy!

I think you can bend the cranks back -take it apart and see.

What crankset/UNI are you riding? If they’re too bent you might have to get a new crankset >

Hope this is any help :slight_smile:

first reach into your pocket than pull out your wallet and get reday to say goodbye to $150. Go buy a set of kh/onza’s

thought that might be the case! At the mo i am riding a standard monty trials uni. i wasnt quite sure how to get the crank off though. I can unscrew the main nut, but then where do i go from there… the crank is still firmly attatched

also. what is the difference between splined and non splined cranks? I know i need splined, but what actually makes them different

Eeek, I’m as lost as you are!

What hub does the Monty Trial’s have (It’s not splinted is it?

My nimbus Trials set is about to give up so I’m planning to buy a new crankset aswell, so is another guy on the forum aswell! You won’t be the only one!

I wouldn’t rush into buying a new crankset just yet, it might be fixable, but will probably need to be replaced eventually.

Send in some pictures? Pictures are nice.


To pull the crank off you need a crank puller(extractor) tool, about £8 from UDC or your local bike shop. If only the crank is bent, then removing it and replacing it with a new one will be fine. If you’ve damaged the hub aswell, i.e. when you remove the crank the square peg that it fits on to is bent/cracked, then you need a new hub, and splined is probably the way to go. Splined means that the end of the axles looks like a gear, with lots of teeth, rather than a square cross-section that tapers, like a square taper (which is what you have at the moment) Have a look at photos of splined and square taper hubs on UDC to see what i mean. All you need to know is that splined means massive strength, well worth having. If you keep replacing your equipment with what you have already you’ll keep breaking it, if you upgrade it will last alot longer and be cheaper in the long run.

splined is beter because there is more surface aira for the hub and crank to interlock and they are normaly bult to be more befey

THIS can tell you just about everything you need to know about square/splined cranks.

Don’t try to bend them back the other way, it will most likely snap.