broken crank

Happened to me for the first time.
So there I am, side hopping, when I hear this snap and I end up staring at what is most of my unicycle: apparently the crank snapped clean in half. I’ll try to get pictures uploaded.

Now my question is: has anyone elsebroken a crank? and if so, how, where and what were you doing?

I’ve broken a few sets of cranks just doing some average trials and trail riding. Mostly just cotterless. Still havent broken my profiles or my KH’s. Then again i havent got my profiles on my muni yet sooo

John Childs broke a profile crank. Supposedly just tooling along, but from what I have heard John Childs never just tool’s along.

In the DVD Under No Influence, one of the guys snapped a crank in half. Jumping off a 7-8 foot fence.

Kris Holm in I think it may have been Universe?

I also saw one break in Universe 2 when someone jumped off the top of a building/toilet.

I think I have wathced too many videos.

What kind of crank?

I’m guessing you had an aluminum crank. Aluminum cranks can fail catastrophically (meaning the break in half) with little warning that they are nearing the end of their life span. Steel cranks will bend first to let you know that they are not feeling well. The tubular steel cranks will usually crack first which is the warning sign that they are about to buy the farm.

The rider was Dylan Wallinger, and he was jumping off the top of a regulation Utah State Park bathroom facility, located in the parking lot of the Slickrock Trail in Moab. It awaits his return…

not a Profile.

3 foot drops and I had a good bend in mine. One more drop I think would’ve broken it right off but I decided i didn’t want to find out. But they were crap and I was half expecting it to happen. It’s a good excuse to get new and better stuff!

I didn’t think it was a profile, just a crank. I have not seen that footage lately, and when I did see it I would have only known it was a crank. Did I indicate it was a Profile somewhere? I went back and reread my post, the only one I indicated by brand was John’s.

Unfortunately, he isn’t signed up yet on the website. Does anyone know if he’s planning on going this year?

I broke one in Moab last year on the Porcupine Rim Trail. The actual drop is in Universe2. I saw everyone else doing it, and it seemed that: what the heck, if everyone else is doing it… Crack, thud, Ouch. :astonished: 5 Mile walk-with-uni later, I was done with the trail. I will return and I will reride that trail. I MAY retry that drop.

Broken Crank

That half-a-crank was an eternal biatch to get off.

John Childs is not human. He is some form of superhuman alien. After he broke the crank and posed for his photos we caught him sitting quietly in his Subaru munching on the crank with sparks coming out of his mouth and a faraway look in his eyes. He was playing a William Shatner spoken word CD on his CD player. We were frightened and ran away, squealing like little pigs. We no longer speak of “the incident” among ourselves.

I think I just spit water all over my keyboard.:smiley: Fortunately for us you posted this “incdent” on the world wide web for all to see. Thus being saved for posterity. I had to qoute you to ensure the survival of the story. Does this mean John_Childs will be in Atlanta for Dragon Con this year? I believe it is largest gathering of aliens pretending to be human pretending to be aliens.

The crank had cracked some time just before the California Muni Weekend. My muni had started making a creaking noise when I pedaled hard. I couldn’t identify the source of the noise. I thought it was a pedal bearing going bad. In actuality the noise was most likely the crank starting to crack around the weld at the chainring nub. I was lucky that it didn’t buy the farm during the California Muni Weekend. That would have sucked.

I noticed that something wasn’t right after I did a little 2.5 foot drop from a loading dock. I noticed that my cranks were no longer straight. Upon closer examination, and a few strange comments from Greg, I finally noticed the crack. I rode the injured muni back to the car and it was on the ride back to the car that the crank finally broke in half.

So yes, it did break in half while I was just riding along but the damage that caused the crack was a little bit more than “just riding along”.