Broken & Corroded spokes

Hi folks,

I’ve just had to order a replacement wheel on my Nimbus trials,
because of numerous corroded & broken spokes.

Has any one else had this problem?

Some bike forums blame it on a "bad batch’ of spokes that when “throughout the industry.”

Here’s some comprehensive info from someone who made the effort to research it:

Is this a known issue with Nimbus wheels?


are you riding under the sea?


how do you normally ride?

Where are your spokes breaking? If they are breaking along the length then it would be a good guess that it is bad spokes. If they are breaking at the elbow they may still be bad spokes, but it could also be a host of other problems. Factory built wheels tend to be poorly tensioned, and that can lead to breaking spokes. If you never tensioned your wheel, or had it tensioned at a bike shop that could be the culprit.

As for corrosion, you shouldn’t see noticeable corrosion on stainless spokes without serious exposure to acid/salt environments. That being said, I know of at least one rider who determined that his Nimbus wheel wasn’t built with stainless spokes from the rust appearing on his spokes.

Could you post pix of your spokes, and maybe a vid if they are failing like the ones in the link you posted.

uh, why didn’t you just buy a box of spokes and re-build your wheel? Unless you also wrecked your rim and hub in which case I don’t think the spokes are the problem.

Generally it is cheeper to buy a box of 50 spokes than 36 individual spokes.

as you can see, the spokes are breaking along the length,
& there is pitted corrosion along the length of other spokes.


If it’s only some spokes and not others, it’s clearly not enviornmental. It’s bad spokes.

Unless there is some kind of trauma to the spokes I’d say they are bad. I would expect to see them all break if you give them enough time. I would clip them out and replace the lot of them, anything else will just prolong the inevitable.

How old is the wheel? Will they cover the replacement under warranty?