Broken Coker Hub...take 29" in a 60 KM race?

Ok, 2 days before my 60 KM bike race on the Coker, and I broke the bolt off inside the BB spindle. Extracting processes failed miserably.

I was hoping to ride the Coker in the 60 km, and then figured I’d just ride my 26" in the 30 km.

Darren Bedord, upon hearing my pleas offfered a spare 29" for the race! Thanks Darren!

Now the question remains…do I dare take a 29" in the 60 k race? All you 29rs out there, it route will be 13 km’s of singletrack, 20 km’s of traintrack paths and the rest on farmer roads…

What do you figure from crank length? 125’s? I’ve never ridden a 29, and really won’t have time before the race…what’s the best combo.

I’ve ridden 55 KM’s on the coker in 4.5 hours…you think I’m now looking at around 6 or more? OH NO!

Can you pedal comfortably on short cranks like 125’s for several hours?

After minutes of careful thought, I’m just gonna do the 30 KM route. No sense in killing myself, it wouldn’t be a fun as it would be uncomfortable.

There’s an 80 KM in London coming up in a month or so, I’ll make it up then :slight_smile:

At least in the 30 KM, I’ll have other one wheelers to go against.


awh,you broke your vital element to the unicycle world?

125mm are easy to cruise on a 29er,not so much on that 13km of single track but for train & farmer roads they would be fine.

i cant wait to hear your thoughts on a 29er,now the 29 gods of the wheel have intervined.

I decided, as to spite Jagur, to keep my familar 26" steed beneath me.

Or, perhaps I wouldn’t lower myself to riding a 29"r…we’ll never know!

It’s Coker or nothin! (except a 26"r)


The gods of unicycling? The day after my god/easter bunny comment that my uniycle is now out of comission, hmmmmmmm

im sure im not the only one who will tell you that your going to regret not using a 29er on a 30km course.

Never mind ratios (says the alleged king of the cranks)… a big wheel will ALWAYS be faster over distance unless there are extreme hills or rough terrain.

What is a comfortable but long ride? About a mile per inch of wheel diameter? Possibly.

If I had to do 30km fast, or 60km in any circumstances, I would take the 28/29 if a Coker were not available. 28/29 on 125s is easy to ride, and versatile. If you go for it on the 26, for goodness’sake put shortish cranks on it.

Big wheel every time for distance.

Oh, I know the big wheel would be faster.

I was planning on the smaller one to more closely simulate the time of the 60 KM that I was hoping for. If I did 30KM on a 29" in 2 hours or so, that wouldn’t really seem like a challange, just an ordinary ride.

I was anxious to try it though, just to compare it (I know you can’t make a good comparison on one ride, but you could still see)