Broken Clavicle

Not as good as Ken’s legs but I was going fast keeping ahead of mountain biker when a rock popped out of the track and I went for a skate on my left shoulder,. xray shows it all not dislocated but broken, now pinned and in recovery mode, sling for 6 weeeks.
Club night tonight and I have to sit and watch. The pain of it.

I hope you get well soon.

I’ve broken both of my arms and my one leg…or was that both of my legs and one arm? I forget. I know how it feels to be in a cast :p. Just can’t scratch that itch!

Get well soon. At least your injury is from something cool. All my bad injuries are from really dumb things that weren’t even considered hazardous.

Holly c**p! That looks like a bad break. I think this may be the sign that you may have to start slowing down a bit. I hope you are not in too much pain. Take care of yourself and take it easy for awhile!

I broke mine when I was 15 from a Bike crash. I know it would sound beeter it it was a uni crash. Anyway I had to wear that X brace for 8 weeks. It is really tough to get any good sleep with the brace on. GL with your recovery.

One of the reasons I stopped mountain biking was because of the increased likelihood of breaking my clavicles on the handlebars! Now I guess we have that risk unicycling! I hope it’s a quick recovery! Sorry this happened to you! :frowning:

I hope your recovery is fast. Good luck and stay positive.

thanks for the thoughts, here is picture taken about 4 minutes before i bit the dirt. Arm is comfortable but useless.

When I broke mine, I rode stationary bike, and then road bike for awhile to stay in shape, and I started that about a week after the accident.

Those will feel longer than regular weeks :slight_smile:
Joking aside: that’s too bad… things happen. Hope you heal well!

EDIT: It may be obvious but I’m no expert… is it broken in two places? Also, it seems that the middle bit partiallty ‘split’ into three fragments. Was there any effort done to push those back together, to let it heal in reasonable shape?

Wow, that’s a nasty break.
My condolences, and I hope you heal quickly!

Next instalment. You would not believe this,after being super careful after surgery i slipped on a campervan step and fell on same shoulder, ouch! Attached xray shows at least the pinning held and some joint displacement I now have sling holding arm up more and again the wait with no unicycling.


Oh no! That sounds terrible!

Very sorry to hear about your re-injury. I hope you heal up quickly.

Good plan to inflict all the injuries to your shoulder at once. Then they can all heal together and you only have to wait once before you can ride again.:slight_smile:

Seriously, all the best with your recovery.