Broken arm

Well, today me and my mate was riding some rocks and that and my mate did this one gap, up this rock and off the end. He did this twice and was still not happy, as he didnt manage to get fully to the top, just a few inches off. on teh 3rd attempt disaster struck and he fell. Immediatly obvious he had broken his arm i phoned an ambulance. He had broken both bones in his lower arm in his left writing arm. I do have pictures on my phone( We had agreed for a long time if one hurts ourself bad, we must take pics. )

But I cant put them on the comp as my cable broke. So im going to ahve to bluetooth them onto my printer:D

that sucks for your mate. I wish him a speedy recovery

that sucks, although i guess the pictures will be something to laugh at if he recovers well !

That sucks, Hope he doesnt need surgery.I Wish him a speedy recovery.

He needs surgery. There mashed pritty bad. Not as bad as when i done mine last year but still:D And ill give him ya love:D

I didnt get a pic of his mashed bone:( his jumper was covering it :angry:

that sucks, get it on video next time.

every reply needs to start with “that sucks”.

I would off but i forget :angry:

Dam paramedic calling it a bike :angry:

It was cool because on teh description of the “incident” it said, fell of unicycle, so we was pleased, it wasnt fell of bike or, fell over or fell of rock or sumin.

That sucks. Give him love. Too bad you had to go through that.

Tell your friend to get better, also. But damn, that cable…whooo…

i nearly broke my hadn today
darn that slalom

“Fell off his unicycle” - I want it to be incripted on my gravestone.

that sucks.

that sucks, good you took pictures, my brother had to go to hospital at UITDM and he kept going ‘why didn’t you make a picture’

Yeah, the ledgendary UITDM “fountain”.
It was bad.


:astonished: that sucks!
Hope he unbreaks his arm soon :wink:

well im out of hospatil today…
well i just had to do it right…
i have plates on both bones now…
umm yer and i got them to print out xrays…ill try get them scanned in…


That sucks.
Glad you’re up and about though.

He’s up for anything :sunglasses:

“That sux” man, I have broken my arm in both bones making one pop out hte skin to say gooday! nice lil trail of blood to the school office :smiley: WEll I hope your friend a speedy recovery and hay you can still ride with a broken arm, its actually why I learned to ride! I started unicycling cause I broke my arm(the 2 bone breaker) the day I got my cast was the day I started riding March 23th 2001. But hurry up on those pics m8

Everything the same except from the blood trail.

well i treid to scan in the pics they cam out really bad, like really colouful when it was black and white…
mm might just webcam and screen shit it…