broken ankle

On thursday night I was hanging out with a few of my friends. I was riding my BC wheel around, having a great time until…
I went to do a rooling mount like I usually do. I landed it perfectly, going not fast at all, probably 2-3 mph. I decided that I didnt want to ride anymore, so i stepped of with my left foot. When I stepped off, my toe caught the carpet and all of my weight went onto my ankle. SNAP! the snap was so loud that my friend could hear it from the other room. Within 15 Minutes, it looked like there was a tennis ball on the side of my ankle. so we went to the emergency room, and they took X-rays of it. I have a fracture on my growth plate in my ankle. So that sucks major. 2 months without riding at all. Has anyone else broken any bones unicycling or Riding the BC wheel?

Man, I’m sorry, that is sad.
I haven’t broken anything riding a unicycle, but I broke my foot once, which rendered me uniless.
Anyway, now you can come post in MR a lot.

I almost broke my ankle 2 days ago =p, i was supposed to go easy one it and keep it in its cast, but today i was riding without the cast for about 5 hours, it feels fine now, so tomorrow should be almost perfect, spraining my ankle and bruising the bone sucks! lol

My worst fall was really funny actully. Im didnt break my ancle or anything though. I sidehopped down a small set but a foot came off my pedal on the side i was hopping to. I landed there, rolled that ancle, fell down, hit my back, rolled and hit my head a bit. It wasnt too painful, but funny as hell.

Anyway, that sucks. Get well soon!

Evan broke his arm on his BC wheel, clearing a big piramid thing.

mine hurt really bad. Why do people always have to get the worst injuries, doing the easiest stuff. all i did is step off the thing, and my toe caught.

Yeah, its wierd. I just hopped down a 2 set, something that I never have any problem with… Ever. Except that time. I think that people are more cauious when they are doing bigger stuff. Maybe when you are doing something big, you think about it more?

xav just broke his ankle too. and this guy cant come to our street weekend from a broken ankle trying to grind. i just got 2 words for all of you.

…got milk???

No kidding! lol, ive always drank milk, and lots of it, and i guess that helped prevent my ankle from actually breaking when i wrecked, doctor said i had some of the strongest bones hes seen in years =p

I hurt myself dismounting a BC wheel the same way you did, but I was in sand. And I didn’t break my ankle, I just sprained my foot (is that even possible?).

I almost broke my arm learning to ride backwards, too and it hurt for several weeks. Being injured sucks.

How did he do that?

yay more ppl 2 the unicycling broken leg/ancle club…huzaah

MAn that sucks! Get better soon!

Carpet? Were you riding in your house? :thinking:

No Iwas at a friends house. the carpet in his basement is really low and hard, like in schools. It was really fun. i will probably ride again when I get my air cast.

Broken Bones?

I have not yet borken any bones, however the other day i hopped over the back of a bench, about 3-4ft perfectly twice, on the third attempt i jared my ancle and was in agony for about 3-4 mins, i tried it again and the same thing happened. i don’t jump benches anymore :frowning:

ooh you broke the growth plate? that REALLY sucks, dude. if you break the growth plate, it stops growing until its healed but the same growth plate in the other leg still grows. you’re going to end up with a limp, man. unless they like surgically lengthen your leg. :smiley:

Sorry to hear of the break Goatman. Get rolling again soon!

Aww man that sucks, Yeah i broke my arm, im off the wheel for 6 months.

I’m pretty much fully grown, so I dont think I’ll have a limp or a tiny leg. that would really suck…

Didn’t you know… “you’re not allowed to ****ing jump on benches” <repeat> :stuck_out_tongue: