Broken Ankle!

Can you believe it!? Just when I was getting back into some regular riding after my holiday sans uni, and specifically when I was enjoying the beginnings of a fun morning of riding trials with Mike Rocks one of my fav riding pals… Bam, I miss while hopping down a flight of concrete stairs… wrong move on the LAST step, fall to the right, twist the right foot under and break the lower tip of the right Tibia… sigh…

Six weeks in a nonweightbearing cast… and with the first week of school starting tomorrow ( I am the counsellor for 400 grade 8"s, poor little gaffers!)


I am shocked… but after a few hours in emerg. and seeing everyone else’s much worse physical problems I atually feel fortunate: a clean break, excellent treatment at the hospital and just some patience needed while things heal… others are so much worse off… so really I think I’ll be fine… I’ll just lurking around the newsgroup a little more than usual while I am housebound with my elevated cast… uni’s gathering dust…

maybe slowed down - but not stopped,

Re: Broken Ankle!

Oh, Bummer!
Not the way that you want to end the Summer.

Oh no. another fracture?

Six weeks in a nonweightbearing cast…

Very sorry to heat that Erin.
But, anyway you are much better than dustin kelm who have
titanium frame on his leg for a few monthes.

Recently, one of our member Jinbong Kim experienced fracture on the base
of 1st toe during down stairs despite the fact that he is quite experienced and very good at down stairs needless to say muniing.
Hope to recover fully and fast!!! Erin!!! and Jinbong!!!

It seems that rather an experienced rider tends to have more
fracture than the novice riders do. Let’s be carefull…

I feel for you, Erin. That’s the ankle I sprained at NAUCC, in almost the same way. [ I think I sprained it; no xrays because no insurance and no money =) ]

Lewis was telling me to answer all questions with a laconic, mysterious, macho “Log.”

You’ll be back soon. Can you swim or something to keep your tone while waiting?

Erin, that’s gotta hurt !!!
(the broken bone and having to stay off your uni)

Hope you heal quickly;)


That just aggravates me. We had big plans of you coming down to Seattle on a monthly basis to go on trail rides and Coker rides and urban rides. What’s up with this injury thing? And broken bones to boot.

Steve DeKoekkoek is riding just about everything after falling off of a 9.5 foot giraffe and being laid up for more than six weeks so there is hope. How do you get hurt falling off a girl’s unicycle, anyway? (Bring it on, Erin.)


That’s crummy. Hope you’re able to get back in the saddle again in a few weeks. Keep us posted on your progress.


Bummer Erin, I pray you heal quickly. --chirokid–

yup… it sure does suck. but you got off easy on two counts, it’s only six weeks nonwieght-bearing and it’s nearing the end of the good riding season. my last… 15 weeks have been kinda slow. and another 3 before surgury (again…) , HURRAY!

Anyways… Good luck on the recovery, and Im sure you will!

Tough luck Erin. I have had heaps of close encounters with stairs, especially stairs which turn corners. I mostly just ride down them rather than hop, and I hate it when they bounce my feet off. Luckily I have never broken any bones, but I have twisted my ankle pretty good when I flung myself down from the top of seven stairs and landed awkwardly. I was able to ride home, but I told myself I would wear boots instead of shoes after that. I still wear the same shoes. Have fun while healing Erin.


Major bummer. I shattered my heel the day after Labor Day last year. Six to seven weeks non-weight bearing and ten weeks total in that boot. I think the worst part is losing all your calf strength.

I’ve got a pair of fore-arm crutches that aren’t getting much use.

You will ride again!

Erin, what a bummer. I’m sorry to hear you’ll be out of commission uni-wise for a little while, although you have the right perspective on things. In the grand scheme, we’re a pretty fortunate bunch to be able to bounce all over the place on one wheel.

Now that you have all this extra lurking time, you should run a search on both Max and on iunicycle. I think there have been some recent threads on the proper application of pharmaceutical assistance to uni injuries.

Heal well, and hopefully quick.


Sorry that your twisted ankle was really a break. I hope you have a speedy recovery. Afterall, you missed out on not having your unicycle with you on your trip and now this. Well we’ll start with a an urban ride once your back in the saddle again.
Take care,

Sorry that your twisted ankle was really a break. I hope you have a speedy recovery. Afterall, you missed out on not having your unicycle with you on your trip and now this. Well we’ll start with a an urban ride once your back in the saddle again.
Take care,

Poor Erin?! I’m with Harper! Her poor, abandoned riding companions!

(That, and Erin has THREATENED to COACH me drill sergeant-style from a trialside deck chair…)

To a speedy recovery!

You broke your ankle? Let’s see if you can work your way up to your neck like some of us. :slight_smile:
Good luck with the healing!


Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

That’s bad news. :frowning: I hate it when bits of my body don’t work. It’s so frustrating. Get well soon, but don’t overdo it and make things worse. The temptation is always there for us active types.

Funny thing is, you know you’ll be riding again as soon as you can. If only some of my Claimants could get the same attitude, instead of claiming trauma, situation specific anxiety, loss of amenity…

(Situation specific anxiety is technical speak for, “Quite worried it might happen again.”)

Re: Broken Ankle!

Gotta like that attitude - may your glass always be (at least) half full!

Heal quick!


Oh boy… err… girl. That’s too bad. I hope you heal quickly and comfortably and find something enjoyable to do to stay in shape in the meantime.

>I am the counsellor for 400 grade 8"s, poor
>little gaffers!
Poor? They now have a counsellor with a broken ankle from unicycling. Who can say that? If anything that should make them richer.

Klaas Bil

(Reposted once more because after some 3 hours I get impatient when a post isn’t relayed. It just should be.)