broked koxx rim

Well here is what my 1.8mx2.5-3m drop gap did to my koxx rim.

Before anyone asks me, yes the spokes were nice and tight. The pictures arent great - flatmates camera - but as you might be able to see the rim is cracked through the joints of 3 holes and there is a crack where the rim is joined. Also for clarification the tyre has not been taken off the rim, the flat spot makes the tyre go like that when the inner tube is inflated.

THe flat spot makes riding quite weird but hopefully i’ll get a new rim soon.

Spokes might have been too tight…

The best wheel isn’t always the tightest wheel.

Also, if you flat spotted… that means you bottomed out, which means you need more air pressure in your tire.

wow, genius. LOL the spokes cant have been that tight since i hadnt tightened them for a few weeks. I had checked them before the ride because i knew it was gonna be a long and hard one :slight_smile: (sorry about the inuendo)

i shoudl also clarify that i’m not sure wether there is a flat spot, but because the crack has made the two bits of the rim overlap each other - making a weird flatspot like bit. Also i rotated the cranks 90 from the pic after i did it and carried on riding.

and pressure wise i was on what i count adequate 25-30 psi since i really didnt want any flats. Plus before the drop i checked it to see if it wasnt too low.

I’m not convinced i bottomed out on landing because i didnt feel it. Also i landed sideways and not facing towards the motion (which is admitely bad but the landing spot wasnt a big area.

sorry if that was a bit agressive, but ehehe i dont like being patronised :stuck_out_tongue:

edit : just checked up on it and the rim on one side of the crack has gone over the other side of the rim, but the other half of the rim is perfectly circular. Again i’m pretty sure i did not bottom out (i mean bottoming out that hard would probably have made my tube pinch :/)

What I am saying is, if your spokes are too tight, they can’t absorb the impact.

What tire is that? It doesn’t look very big…

lol what i’m saying is that they werent that tight. but don’t really matter cause either way it broke.

ANd the tyre is a maxxiss creepy crawler. Maybe the camera makes it looks small…

Where was that part of the wheel when you were landing?

I landed on that part of the rim. Hence why it broke there i guess. My cranks where horizontal to that part (they have know been rotated 90 degrees)

wait isnt the rim suppose to look like that where its joined together? I just got a new white widow and it has that look to it.

he’s talking about the spoke nipple hole being cracked on the rim itself. Look between two of the drilled out areas and you’ll see it.

the bit where its joined its fine, dont worry. Mouse is right its the crack between the holes.

However there is a small crack on the joint but you cant see it its on the other side. its not really worth picturing.

Face it, Koxx drilled rims suck.

Why am I not surprised? Drilled holes on the 19" rims made by Jetset (incl. Koxx, Onza (yes, check the the holes under the hogs), Kris Holm, Viz, etc.) are way too huge, and Brendan’s pics show what I mean about the ‘joint snapping’ i keep going on about.

yes, people’ll say “KH’s won’t do that becaus they have eyelets”… well, on the underside-holes that touch the rimtapes there are no eyelets and those are the most common places for a drilled rim to fail.

Sucks about the rim Brendan, go get an undrilled koxx rim.

but also, how come people love doing drops so much? :thinking:

easy and look good

Yeah, big drops are lame, and serve no purpose.

totally agree, but drop gaps are awesome :stuck_out_tongue:

plus once you get up a high wall ur not gonna get off and jump on your feet are you?

no your gonna drop to that smaller wall :slight_smile:

and still trying to get a rim, dont really care what rim, i need a cheap rim - lack of money till the 25th.

big drops are great. my highest is about 7.5 feet.

they are so much fun.

Get an alex 19inch they are strong as hell. I hit rim off a 4-5ft drop landed really bad with super lower pressure (I heard a very like click) and I didn’t even flat spot. I weight like 180.

Only problem with Alex, is that it isnt that wide, which people dont like. Its strong though, and I love mine. I jsut rather use a used tire in the rim, cause they do not fold so much for some reason, than a new on does sitting on that rim.

so wait, if i jumped over my truck off a ledge, are you saying that wouldn’t be freaking awesome?
cuz im thinking about doing it if i can find a good ledge/roof thingy.