Brokeback Mountain: Return of Jamey M.

Only four months after breaking his back, Jamey returns to the scene of the crime (Rocky Peak) looking better than ever. Good to have him back riding with the brothers . . .




I refuse to believe the gradient of that last picture.

That’s on a flat piece of land and you’ve rotated it 45 degrees, haven’t you.

Admit it.

Haha I was going to say the same thing! As far as I know, trees and plants don’t grow on an angle, but straight up!:stuck_out_tongue: Welcome back Jamie! :slight_smile:

Sorry to disappoint you two, I was there, and it really is that steep, notice the angle of his seatpost. It’s a steep section along Hummingbird trail. Very few riders can make a peace sign while going down that section - he is truly an amazing rider! He can ride ridiculously hard terrain and make it look so easy, until I try to follow him, and this is while he is “recovering”. He is crazy good!!

Welcome back!!

I’m just an old cynic.


Wow! Doubly awesome! :smiley:


Glad to see you’re riding again. A major injury like that can really be intimidating. It’s good to know you have overcome it. I’d hate to see a level ten (and perhaps the only level eleven) rider throw in the towel.

That’s wild, I’m sure if I broke my back, I would be in a grave because I most likely wouldn’t walk again, and most definitely couldn’t live with that.

Wait, I thought he had to wait longer than 4 months to ride again?
And has it really been that long already?
It seems like just last month you posted saying he broke his back.

Either way, I can’t believe he can actually go down a hill that steep, thats amazing.

that is impressive! Congratulations! Welcome back to the wheel.

Here’s another shot of Don riding the same section. These (as are all our photos) are just grabbed shots taken with a cheapo digital camera and we’re not spending enough time to get “trick photography” results. I suspect the angle of the seatpost - as Don mentioned - is the only indicator of the angle. Funny thing is the hardest part is above and out to the frame, but it was behind rocks and was basically unshootable. The ground is so loose here it less like riding and more like skiing.

But how about that Jamey?



That’s awsome, did he do the same section that he fell on in the first place?

Thumbs up Jamey!

Keep it going!:slight_smile:

Jamey, It is great that you are back!! I did my first hike today(5 months post broken back) and it felt great! The Muni still a ways off for me. Be safe!

Thanks guys! It feels so awesome to be back and riding again. I think the only thing I’ve lost is my endurance which I hope to gain back sooner or later. It’s been about 3 1/2 months or so since the injury and I haven’t done much physical activity during that time. My back seems to have healed up pretty good. I still have some minor back aches here and there, but nothing too bad. I can’t even describe how good I felt riding with the guys again although I was a bit scared to go back to “brokeback mt” (rocky peak) as I had only ridden there two times and each time someone broke there back! Luckily that curse was broken on this ride as no one got hurt. Woo Hoo! I can see that both JL and Don have improved, especially with drops and technical sections. I have a couple pics I’ll post here when I get the chance.

Oh ya, and I don’t think I’ll ever retry the section where I broke my back. Not worth it to me cause I still see the replay of my video on any steep section I come to. I think I’ll be afraid of any really steep stuff for awhile… JL rode a couple sections I wouldn’t even try because of my new little fear but hopefully it’ll go away with time and practice. No need to rush into things and get hurt again. It sucked not being able to ride for several monthss!

wow that is a quick recovery!!

what kind of fracture was it if you dont mind me asking?

I crushed my t6 vertebra in april doing a big dirtjump on a bike and i’m still not riding.

my 6 month appointment is coming up in a couple weeks though, and hopefully i’ll get clearance to ease back into it

Compound fracture of the T6 vertabra! So very similar. I never was able to get the percentage out of the docter as my doctor sucked really bad. And now I can’t afford to go in and have it rechecked as I don’t have insurance at the moment. :frowning: But I’m working on that…

Great to have you back!

When the doctors gave me a 50% chance of walking w/ crutches, I wasn’t going to settle w/ that. I still need afo braces to walk comfortably though.