Broke uni

Yup i broke the nimbus trials rim. I was just riding home and the rim split open. Worst thing is its my christmas holidays with loadsa time free.



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I feel sorry for your loss. :wink:

I´m sure thats not supposed to happen. I really hope UDC will give you a new rim. MY KH rim broke, and I got a new one no-questions-asked.

Yea the guy from UDC was well sound. He talked to me for ages it was the first time i actually talked to somebody about unicycling. He is goin to replace it.


Oh that sucks so bad! :frowning: Same happened with my Nimbus 24 last summer. It sucked but UDC sent me a new rim so all went fine in the end.

If this is the first time you talked to somebody about Uni I guess you rarely ride with other people? :smiley: You should try and attend the next SWUM

Hope you get it fixed before you run out of holiday.


Wow, that stinks really bad! I’d think it would be the hub/cranks that would break first on that uni, but I guess not. I also feel sorry for your camera - or did you have so much coffee that you couldn’t hold still? :wink: Just foolin…

Keith, I have never ridden with someone else, this is because nobody i kmow uni’s and i havent attended a uni meet because i only started reasonably recently. I will be attending the south west uni meet.

Tyler, I stumbled as i took the first pic thats why it came out a bit blurred.

It gets worse i was o the virgde (spelling??) Of landing a 180 unispin.


It’s Verge, check the spelling in a French dictionary.


That type of break is because of a rim defect. The Nimbus rim is the same as the new Kris Holm rim, and the both those have a tendency to break like that.