Broke my seatpost while climbing

I was climbing up a hill on my Muni and pulling very hard on my Reeder handle, when the seatpost bracket snapped in the front. Isn’t it unusual to break a seatpost while climbing? I thought they usually broke as a result of landing drops with poor form.

The day it broke, I had changed my climbing technique by keeping my elbow bent instead of straight, and pulling harder than usual.

Here’s the pic:


Re: Broke my seatpost while climbing

I would guess that you had probably stressed it before doing other hard landings and it was getting ready to break. The same thing could have happened if the uni smacked down really hard on the front of the seat. You would have then wondered how it could have broken from the seat hitting the ground.

In most cases, as mentioned above, it’s metal fatigue. As we get longer and stronger seat handles, more and more stress gets put on standard seat posts. Up, down, up, down, snap! It’s a combination of all the pressures that have been applied to it over time. Plus those posts can be pretty weak when compared to today’s modern stiff seats and high-leverage handles.

I think the majority of times ive broken a seat post, the final blow has been a pulling up movement (seat in hop). But, as was said, Im sure it wasnt just that one hop that made it break. I broke a miyata seat post where you broke your seat post, Mr. Yankee.

It sucks.