Broke my new mini-giraffe

The first festival that I used my new 16 inch wheel mini-giraffe unicycle at
will be the last one until it is repaired.

All 8 shows went well and the giraffe handled really well until a few
minutes before the 9th and final performance.

I was onstage, behind the curtain. The audience was assembled and seated,
waiting for the show to begin. I decided to practice a few freemounts and
then some bunnyhopping. I did a biggish sideways bunny hop and then fell
off. When I tried to remount I noticed that the unicycle had bent by about
30 degrees at the bottom bracket (the middle bit where the top axle is).

After ditching the uni in the hands of my stage manager (who thought that it
was the funniest thing to happen all day), I had about 1 minute before the
curtain parted to think of a new routine to add to the show.

I am now sadly awaiting the nice men who built it to fix it for me and make
it nice and strong.

The End.

Wayne van Wijk

Interesting… what kind of show do you do?

wayne, just before going on stage you are supposed to break a LEG!

Re: Broke my new mini-giraffe

“U-Turn” wrote …
> Interesting… what kind of show do you do?

My show is a one person display of juggling, balancing, magic and comedy. I
perform in the guise of a jester (very loosely based on a 14th -15th century
entertainer). My focus is on childrens entertainment at festivals and the

I also work in the Royal Children’s Hospital as a clown doctor. This is a
truly amazing job to be able to do.

Wayne van Wijk

O–( >–|-o

OUCH! Just fell off my unicycle.