Broke my neck last night

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As a temporary measure try saving them then running them from your hard drive. Right click on the link, click “Save target as…”.

When it’s on your hard drive it should play with Media Player or whatever’s your poison. If not, hold shift and right click on it, then choose “Open With…”, choose Media Player, and tick “always open with this program”.

Good luck…

Phil, just me

i think that the movie requires a newish version of windows media player to work correctly… that’s probably the hang-up.

outdated schmoutdated,
John M

that sucks, i hope the dammage fixes itself.

i always said unicycles are way safer than bikes,
bikes tend to tangle up with you when you fall. (i haven’t seen the video).

i suppose that settles the priorities in protection debate.

maybbe i’ll think about getting a helmet.

I guess this is the vacation that I needed. Unfortunately I won’t be making it to UNICON as part of my vacation. If all goes well I’ll make enough money on short term disability to buy me a nice nII for my return. I’ll probably be staying off bikes for a while, but as far as unicycles go… :slight_smile:
I honestly feel after this incident that unicycles are so much safer than bikes. Once again, thanks to everyone for their prayers and support. I’m sure you guys will be seeing a lot of me on the fora.

Re: Broke my neck last night

Man, that’s a serious thing! Must be tough to know that you’re out of
unicycling at least for months, but you can enjoy that you have good
prospects of full recovery. Could have been a lot worse “for the same
money” as we say in Dutch. It gave me a real shock when I read that
subject so reading the text gave me some relief (I haven’t seen the
video, link seemed not to work).

Heartfelt best wishes for a speedy recovery,
Klaas Bil

I’m trying to become as famous as possible over-night. So do whatever you need to distribute this video. My IM SN is Accord442, I want people blowing my shit up.

ok,if anyone that cant get it has Yahoo Messenger call up tangent193 (thats me)and i can push it though.

anything for you airborne, You’z da Man!

I couldn’t keep watching. I saw it once, and that’s all I could take. There is very little that truly bothers me, but experiences like yours hit way too close to home. I hope that we all can learn a little and grow a lot from this tragic event.



Originally posted by AccordNSX
I’m trying to become as famous as possible over-night. So do whatever you need to distribute this video.

I’ve just seen your video, here in my house, in ITALY…
So you’ve crossed the Ocean and you ARE famous!

Take care of yourself!

RE: Broke my neck last night

Woah. Several of us have watched this and winced. We wish you a speedy
recovery. A weekly visit to a chiropractor has helped us to heal
several injuries collected over the years.

Best regards,


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Had a little accident on a mountain bike last night out at the trails.
The one second I take off my helmet to try something, I eat it nasty and
break V2 in my neck. I’ll be out for 8 weeks minimum.
Sorry Harper, couldn’t get any pictures… but here’s the video.

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Thanks again to everyone for all their support. Looks like the nII is going to get here before my recovery. Ohh well. :frowning: