Broke my KH saddle hopping up a curb.

i too suffered problems with my KH seat. After a day of riding the bolts were loose so i tightened them at which point one snapped off. Another bolt was lost as it just came loose only to be found on the floor where i was a week later. Wasnt too impressed with it. Looking to buy a different one

well its fine if you dont tighten up the bolts too just gotta make them snug.

hey man sorry to hear that, you can get a drill out a carbon fiber base, its expensive, but i went through 4 saddles in one month as soon as i learned double flips and trey flips but also like another guy said pull up less and if your side hopping use you back foot a little

dude you just replied to a thread which is 4 years old, im pretty sure hes either fixed his seat or stopped riding