Broke my KH saddle hopping up a curb.

I just hopped up a curb (which is about the extent of my hopping abilities) and something went pop, and my seat was suddenly a lot loser.
One of the front screws had broken off a long time ago, just from tightening the nut on it.
When I hopped up the curb, the other front screw ripped straight through the metal plate, and straight through the plastic.
I opened up the seat to replace the screws, and realized that in addition to that, the metal plate had snapped in half.

All this from jumping up a 5 or 6 inch curb?

I’m not sure I’m such a fan of the KH seats anymore.
I don’t have much skills in metalworking, so I’ll probably have to buy a new one.
For the time being, though, I replaced the seatpost with a 3-foot dowel rod.
I couldn’t ride seat out before, but today I spent hours learning to ride just holding onto the dowel rod, and I’m consistantly getting over 300 feet now.
So that’s good, but I’m still annoyed.

Any advice?

Join the club…mine has broken ages ago aswell…but still…it was a bit more extreme than curb-hopping :stuck_out_tongue:

Which model was it. I think the seats made after they got slightly skinner up front are a lot stronger. I have 2 older ones and they have a lot more flex than my 2 newer ones.

I got it this past august. Just a few weeks before the prices went down on

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Sorry to hear about the KH seat.

My advice is to put a hobby horse head on that dowel rod and you’ll get tons of laughs riding seat out around town.:slight_smile:

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Hah! I’m so going to do this!
This is the greatest idea ever!

Put a dowell rod on it?ha.

You could get an old seat post or the same one and get sombody to weld the seat onto it.

But the seat is plastic. :thinking:

I suppose what I really should be asking, is, am I hopping completely wrong are are these seats just not very strong?

Was it a brand new seat, or does it have some wear and tear?

You could try to get it replaced, shouldn’t be that difficult, if it’s pretty new that is.

k I can hop just under 2 feet high and drop 5 feet down and I have never broken a seat so i dont know how you guys do it :thinking:

I thin k it’s probably technique, weight of uni, and luck. I’ve never broken a seat, but I killed a couple of seatposts. My brother killed a seat jumping on a stump. I beleive the new KH seats are stronger, too. The old ones with on the back are pretty weak, i think, because they feel a lot less stiff, and that’s what my brother broke.

my (shameless promotion of something I’m not even selling) Seat/seatpost stiffeners one of these makes a seatpost a lot stronger, and probably eliminates the possibility of breaking a seat. There’s a tutorial for making these on near the bottom of the page.

I mounted a big fluffy horsie head on a 5 foot steel pole, and replaced the dowel with that.

The best part: It makes horse noises and plays William Tell really loudly when you press the ear.

The looks I’ve gotten so far have been incredible.
Especially from the girls. :wink:
It’s gonna be a good night.

No offense, but the only reason that seat broke on such a small hop is poor technique. I barely even lift or pull the seat to do hops up curbs, and thus my seats get minimal flex from that. The thing that killed my 2 seats was big rolling hops and riding muni while pulling hard on the sedat. The new KH saddles are stronger, but I’m sticking with my cf base myself.

Could you give me some advice on better technique?

Pictures Please!

I’ve got a picture right here with me, on a disk.
To bad this computer won’t read the disk. :frowning:

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Unless that was the first riding you ever did after putting that seat on the uni. The break was a result of the wear & tear of your whole riding/learning process up until that moment. The metal plate was probably already broken in half. The missing bolt didn’t help either.

Unfortunately, now that unicycles are built so much stronger than they were a few years ago, the weak point is in the seat and post. They haven’t caught up yet.

The wear & tear that led to your break is probably as much from pushing down on it as pulling up. The combination of the two fatigues the metal and just yanks on the plastic. I think the newer KH seats are much more resistant to the bolts pulling through as well.

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This is good to know.