Broke my KH Moment cranks...


happened just a few minutes ago, doing some trials. they were the 137s… the cranks are a little bit bent and twisted. DAMN they were only 3 months old too…

lucky i got a new pair waiting in my room!

Any pictures?

I may not be very informed, but I’ve never heard of this happening…

I think you meant your not trusting this until he HAS some pictures…

Hmm, seems a bit dubious to me. Aluminum usually breaks, not bends. And shorter moment cranks have even less flex and therefore would much more likely break rather than bend. I’ve done 6 foot drops on my MUni with 165mm moments and no problem at all. Solid as a rock!

you’re full of it.
or they are defective.

I too have a hard time believing this. We need pics.

Maybe he bent his pedal spindles.

maybe,but why would that make it seem like the cranks were bent? there’s a difference between the feel of a bent crank and a bent pedal…

I’d argue and say it feels nearly the same.

If you bent the hub spindle though… then you have a seriously different feeling.

I dunno, I’ve done all three, and it seems to feel pretty much the same… to me at least…(all three were done on my CX at different times during it’s life)

I vote that it is most likely that the cranks are fine and that the pedal spindle(s) are what’s bent.

Remove the pedals from the cranks. Spin the spindle in the pedal and see if you can see if everything is spinning in alignment.

I think he must be making it up, we need pictures, I also think it os more likley that he bent his pedal spindals (if anything)

Also look in his sig, he has all of the “tropheys” from the trick competitions.
I had a look through all his posts and he has only ever posted in one of the trick competition threads and it doesnt look like he landed the trick.

from the treflip competition thread:

Also he says he rides a nimbus cotterloss 20" if this is true it sounds like he doesnt have moments and he quite posibly bent his coterless cranks.

That’s a good find there. I think he must have just been looking for attention saying his moments were bent…unless he got confused over which cranks he had I suppose.

dam this sounds dodgy but aluminium has been nown to bend

smilymarco and some ova german riders have bent koxx alu cranks and tensile cranks befor.

most kids have super sloppy technique and just do drops and stairsets and dont care about ther parts so no surprise a pair of moments might have bent a lil.

ive seen a slightly twisted/deformed right hand moment crankarm in france when i went over in summer… but that was from hard street abusse.


I have English as an only language and I still don’t understand it !!

sorry man, I knew that, I shouldn’t have been so rude about it. to tell the truth I really don’t know much about English either… didn’t mean to sound rude sorry.

So whats up man, your just gonna say your bent these cranks up and not show us?

I too bent my KH moment cranks. I use them for playing horseshoes now. Sorry, no pics.

i dont believe you

i dont believe you didn’t spot the obvious sarcasm.