Broke my frame - fix?

Those are EXCELLENT photos. Your solution looks great if you can get the sleeve to fit both the frame leg and the lollipop stem. That’s the tough part with just a hacksaw and a file.

he he

that a Norco Uni? that sure looks like my old norco, same crank arms, and the lolipop bearing holders. Well mine did that then, it started to push outward, so i had a big bulge in the frame. My frame only did start to crack after droping off picnic tables, and other stuff, but im also pretty light.

I have a Zephyr (had a Zephyr) with lollipop bearings that I have been hopping curbs with for 6 months or so. It was my workhorse uni for four or five years and, up until 10 months ago, the only uni I owned. And guess what happened to the frame. It cracked at the holes in the fork for the bolts that hold the lollipops in.

I was lucky. I just got the uni.5 back and, since the guys in Fort Worth did a frame transplant, I suddenly had a spare 24" Torker frame with main cap bearing holders. I also had a pair of 6203 bearings from my Coker because sent me a new pair when mine slipped on the axle.

I popped off the lollipops, drove on the 6203’s, put the wheel on the Torker frame and, voila, I have a Frankenstein yike. I also centerpunched and drilled five 1/4" holes in each lollipop holder and used a 3/16" punch to drift the bearings out. So I still have an emergency pair of 6203’s. As if keeping old bearings is a good idea. You can get those bearings from a distributor for $6 or $8 each.