Broke another frame!! But I got it on film :-D

Well I was filming for Justins vid today and I snapped another torker frame, I have snapped 2 torkers, and 1 yuni frame. I also have bent 2 torker frames lol. Well I got the snap on film it was a 360 unispin off a picnic table to seat in…yeah…Well here it is with a few tricks on a broken frame, and a few nice lil jokes you might enjoy:-D it is pretty funny I swear!

hahaha thats mad it just bends right back haha


Had me laughing too. =p

Lol thanks, that was pretty quick I actually did a 540 unispin off the sitting part of that table but well Justin might not like if I posted that clip too mcuh since it was the end of a line lol…

hmmmm, so if this is the fourth Torker frame you’ve gone through, then why do you keep getting Torker frames?

Ahahhaha well I have baughten 3 dx unis, (20in dx 05, 24in dx 05, and a 24in dx 06) and the bike shop I baught them from returns them for me lol.

hey my koxx is broken



Hehehehehehehe!:smiley: That’s what you get for not buying the 07 frame!

VERY nice! I have to say that had me smiling. O yeah go with a KH frame next time. Or did you alreay break one of those?

haha nice job:p

“Torker… Foot… Foot to Torker!”
That was really funny.

haha funny vid!

Cody you are weird:)

That is all because the seat is reinforced and redistributes the forces unnaturally to the frame. :slight_smile:

Or maybe not

Haha, good video. Yeah, yesterday I snapped my LX seat in half! I’m pissed… but I think I fixed it ok, you can still bend it up, but I stuck a thick piece of steel in there under the post, but I bent it so it curves up to the end of the seat. It should be ok.


what frame are you getting next???

was that a dx? I always thought they were bomb-proof. people on the internet lie alot…

That was the funniest part!

HAHAHHAHA nah dude i have broken every part of the Dx. I have snapped there welgo pedals(a few actually), I have a couple bannana seat posts from them(hence that reinforcement), I broke bumpers (duh lol), a few frame ;), I have even snapped a dx crank off my uni! Ohh and I broke 7 spokes out once on a drop, ohh and I bent 2 hubs…Yeah I break alot’0’shit!!!

Im using another dx frame til I can get a new try all seat post…hehe I kinda broke a Kh seat post, and a try all seat post landing a bad crankflip down a 4 set. So til I can get a new one I have to use my old bent seat posts with torker frames cause the koxx frame is way to big for any other seat posts I have…