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After only really having been out riding twice this year, tonight i have vowed and made a start on making riding a more regular thing.
i usually avoid going out beacuse it looks so dull and dismal outside and i like to keep my tyre clean. BUT… for once England, tonight and well actually all of today was actually really nice to be outside in, and i have been riding all night.
I got back from school picked up my DM ringmaster dug out some cranks hammered them on then mounted my trials machine and rode off to my mate ryans with the DM under my arm. after riding briefly yesterday for the fist time in his life, ryan was riding 30meters +, and ocasionally freemounting it. a quick phone call and lewis came out and then we rode for the rest of the evening only stopping for a traditional chicken treat. ahh it was the best. so with an extra rider and more promising weather it looks like the chances of going riding will be greater and i will get better.

(untill i go to thailand for 18nightsd on thursday, still ryan is borrowing my uni so he can get better and progress, finally the leighton buzzard unicycling scene is kicking off hurrah!!!)

the british weather

indeed i agree!

unfortunatly i cant go out 2 nite because of a broken crank! so i was out juggling all nite instead! definatly a better time of year to go out unban trialing!


Re: British weather

What do we think, folks? Is ol’ Tom having us on, or do we confiscate his unicycle?

Sounds like you have the the begining of a ‘unicycle gang’ going on their!

Wish I had some uni’ers to meet upwith.

Tim (Broome), if you are reading this, we will need to meet up in Newcastle (upon tyne) some time again!


This extra hour of daylight in the evening, coupled with some very nice weather just recently, is fantastic!

I’ve done more riding in the last few days than I have for what seems like ages.

The Tamar Bridge ride on Saturday was very good, but the weather was a bit dull, and even worse up in Yeovil. Sunday was drizzly but I still managed to go ride some bridleways; I thought it would be a nice, safe, gentle ride, but I ended up getting more muddy than I have in a long time. And I forgot the brush, so I had to put an absolutely filthy muni in the back of my still-spotlessly-clean new car… :astonished:

Yesterday was my first evening ride that wasn’t in the dark, a scoot around Yeovil, but today was absolutely fantastic… my first evening muni since last September, at my local country park. Few people around, mostly mud-free trails meant an hour spent blasting round the perimeter of the park and back across the disused quarry, now a great muni playground.

I even had “Hey! It’s Kris Holm!” shouted at me by a chap on a mountain bike, which is a first for me. Alas I was humbly reminded that I am definitely not by a UPD and a pedal in my naked, naked shin a few seconds after. Still, it’s better than not being injured due to not riding…

The weather forecast says a few good days to come, so I may have to go riding again tomorrow. After all, I cleaned the muni when I got back tonight, so it’s all shiny and clean… it’s just not right!

It’s good to see people are making the most of it!


yesterday again, i ventured out and actually had another amazing night of riding, where i rode a cool skinny legde which had little drops every few metres, and i ventured into the world of gapping!!! and my biggest achievment of the whole night was succesfully going to rubber from a crank grab for the first time ever. the night was complimented by chicken treat (gotta love those guys who workin there everynight) and a full pulls on a Havana. only tiredness made us return home.all in all a good ride and my last for a couple of weeks. as i jet off to a place where weather will never be a problem tomorrow, thailand, might try and check out he flyin chicken restaurant in bangkok.

EDIT: tiredness, does anybody else get that on the ride back home, where your legs are knackered and you UPD on everything, i suppose it doesnt help living down an unlit dirt lane, using no lights. lol

have a good easter everybody and keep up the riding, ill see you guys at the BUC

oh oh oh, what i meant to mention was, ryan the boy who had his first taste on sunday, is atempting small crank grabs, so far he cannot land back out of them, 4 days!! i couldnt even ride that quickly.

I must agree, the weather is lovely!
Today is the first day it has rained for a few days now.

I have not been out and about on any of my unis due to the amount of coursework I have at the moment… t realy sucks, but in the long run, it will pay off, hopefully getting a good job with enough disposable income to attend as many unicycle conventions worldwide as possible!

I am playing unicycle hockey tonight though! Woohoo! :slight_smile:


i hate it today it is grey and rainy :frowning: nasty weather!

hmmm… this is worrying we need to refer him to a specialist i think i’ll just call one,

heh heh that’ll fix him! best midecine there is

Yea… by a bit of a coincidence, i have. I havent been reading these boards that much recently.

It would be good to do some trials around newcastle. I’ve been doing a bit in the evenings around the university and on the skate park in the milder weather over the last few weeks. Not as fun on your own tho. I definately need more practice. We’ve both got lots of coursework and exams coming up, but we’ll have to unify some spare time when i’m back up north!


Sorry, it looks like that’s my fault…

That was just asking for it, really… :roll_eyes:


Re: British weather

On Thu, 1 Apr 2004 10:27:06 -0600, “gkmac” wrote:

>The most ambitious thing I attempted was riding the 20 degree subway
>slopes leading under the main road and out the other side, downwards was
>an absolute blast (applying pressure backwards onto forwards moving
>pedals), upwards broke me out in a sweat but at least I managed to ride
>them both twice first time.

Lovely to read that you love outside riding. Hey, are you sure these
subway slopes are 20 degree? That’s a 36% grade. If you can ride that
up after only a month of riding, power to you!

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A muddy tire is a badge of honor.

Re: British weather

On Fri, 2 Apr 2004 09:48:58 -0600, “gkmac” wrote:

>I don’t have a
>protractor (angle measurer) to take with me, but I know what 45 degrees
>looks like and half of that… (draws on a piece of paper) …okay so
>maybe it was more like 15 degrees.

That method can easily fool you. If you have some time on your hands,
see <>.

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I think profile should make some stronger 145mm cranks - Ryan Atkins

i only just read all the replies to this thread seeing as ive been away and there seems to be some confusion, i have absolutely no objection to a muddy tire, but the tire in question is my 20" trials job of which i like to keep clean ish, and besides muddy tires dont go down to well for indoor home riding.

im saving up for a Muni neways, which inevitably will always be covered in mud.