british unicyclists - who is this guy?

I think its just that all British riders are faster than Kris :smiley:

i just watched the clip XD when roger says “i’ll get the big one out” - i got over-excited :wink:

Had a dream last night that the nimbus 36" disk brake was on sale for £300, turns out not to be true.:frowning:

Thank you!

Just seen the clip, thank you! I moved 4 months ago and found my old unicycle so jumped on first time in 15 years! seeing that made me see how much its moved on and I am now looking longly at a “big one”… Do you know anywhere I can try one near kingston-upon-thames? And are there any unibods around here?

Sorry to hijak esp as a first time poster…

Cheers Jez.

(owner of a very old rusty blue unicycle…)

For the on demand version of the programme. 8 minutes something for unicycling.

Unicycle salesman grabs the opportunity to freely advertise his wares on national TV.

Try as I might though I can’t see 12v drink warmers in his shop :wink:

Really must start selling kettles. :slight_smile:

You need to develop a unicycle powered generator to power it as you’re riding along- have a brew when you get to your destination:p

“the video you are wanting to watch cannot be viewed from your country or location” (has my computer been teleported to North Korea? or is France on the list of restricted export?)

Just watched it. HAAAAA HAAA, Roger you tightarse! :smiley:

Pretty much the no France thing. Actually, it will be restricted to any non UK IP address.

GK recorded it and has uploaded it to the UK forums. Right click > Save as

thanks for the copy!
(hey I have seen that guy before… :sunglasses: oh again a bout of memory lapse :p)