british unicyclists - who is this guy?

has anyone else seen the ad for a programme being aired on tuesday called motorway madness? near the end of the ad theres a clip of a unicyclist riding a 29er i think (but iv’e never been on a bigger uni so it could be a 26 or 36)

anyway, i was just curious so let me know if you know :slight_smile:

I’ve seen the trailer and pegged it as a 29 but I’m more than likely wrong. I shall be checking out the programme to see if the unicycle person is in it.

i agree, tuesday night is in the diary. how are you getting along with the 34 doc?

Ta for asking Peter…I’m almost there with the 24, I’m old and my learning curve is pretty slow but I’m having a ball playing! :smiley:


GIYF. I found that it’s on Channel 5 at 20:00 on Tuesday 19/10/10.

Couldn’t find the trailer online, though.

What self respecting unicyclist would ride around a service station on a 29" unicycle! it was definately 36" Impulse with disc brake :stuck_out_tongue:

And what about that lovely Van in the back ground… all those nice unicycles all over it.


You have first hand knowledge of this rider perchance Roger? :smiley:

Might do… you will just have to watch it to find out. :slight_smile:

sniggers :wink:

the clip isn’t even a second long, i would never have spotted the van! i look forward to tommorow night and will be writing a lengthy letter if the programme dosen’t focus almost solely on unicycling in service stations.

If only I’d taken my uni today for when we stopped at the Chester service station…could’ve made a vid! :wink:

Hey, someone please record the show and post it for the rest of us!

Here is a clip of the mystery rider in the advert for the program.



Is it a bird? Is it a plane? sniggers once again

And here is his photo from Monguni? Am I right?

Yes, that’s the mystery rider, what a handsome fellow he is… and he must be a very good rider too because he is ahead of Kris Holm.


I expect people mistook it for a 29er because the rider is so tall, that a 36 looks like a 29er on him.

Also, I overtook Kris Holm at Ride the Lobster, I reckon that makes me equally as fast as this mystery rider. There is a video of it somewhere.


You are right, that mystery rider must be tall and that is why the wheel size got confused. :slight_smile:

Should we be asking the question here… is Kris slow? or is it that ALL british riders are fast and faster than him?